The Monsters of Tales to Astonish

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Story Title Pencil 
Monster, Villain, or Main Character
#1, January 1959 Tales to Astonish 1
We Found the Ninth Wonder of the World! Kirby Ninth Wonder; Experiment XYZ
I Know the Secret of the Poltergeist! Ditko The Poltergeists
I Was the First Man to Set Foot on... the Mystery Planet! Reinman living oil; Azka the robot
I Foiled an Enemy Invasion! Davis The Tenuous
#2, March 1959 Tales to Astonish 2
When Aliens Meet! Heck The Alien Zookeepers
I Fell to the Center of the Earth! Baker The Neanderthals
I Was a Man in Hiding! J. Buscema The Miniature Aliens
I Spent Eternity in a Deep Freeze! Burgos Joe Sykes
My Job: Capture a Martian Sinnott Garner
#3, May 1959  Tales to Astonish 3
I Journeyed Back to the 20th Century! Ditko Arro Goron
I Discovered the Men from Mars! Sinnott The False Martians
I Found the Perfect Hiding Place in Space! Burgos Zachariah Stubbs
I Am the Giant from Outer Space! Reinman Giant from Outer Space; The Micromias
I Escaped to the Stars Forgione Harry Wolf
#4, July 1959 Tales to Astonish 4
I Was a Prisoner of the Martians! Sinnott The Martians [VII]
My Forbidden Paintings! Heck Ashley Crane
I Made Time Stand Still ? Sydney Burr
I Love a Mermaid! Burgos Alathea the Mermaid
The Man Who Floats in Space! Ditko Bogane
#5, September 1959 Tales to Astonish 5
I Was Trapped by the Things on Easter Island! Kirby The Lithodia Rex aliens
I Am the Menace from Outer Space! Sinnott Krag
I Can See Tomorrow! Heck Willy Adams
I Found the Nightmare Note Williamson Joe Baxter
I Landed on the Forbidden Planet! Ditko Tim Korey
#6, November 1959  Tales to Astonish 6
I Saw the Invasion of the Stone Men! Ditko The Stone Men [I]
I Was the Man Under Glass! Sinnott Darius Cartwright
I Laughed at the Great God, Pan! Kirby Pan
I Became a... Human Bomb! Reinman traitorous hoodlum
I Was Prisoner of the Living Statues! Forte The Statue Aliens
#7, January 1960 Tales to Astonish 7
He Waits for Us in the Glacier! Heck Anuxa
We Met in the Swamp! Kirby The Swamp Aliens
I Lived a Ghost Story! Reinman Mr. Howard
I Saw the Other World! Ayers dimensional camera
I Spent Midnight with the Thing on Bald Mountain! Ditko Thing from Bald Mountain
#8, March 1960 Tales to Astonish 8
I Dared Defy the Floating Head! Reinman Floating Head
I Live Again! Ditko Thing from Bald Mountain
I-Am-the-Genie Kirby Genie
Mummex --- King of the Mummies! Heck Mummex
#9, May 1960 Tales to Astonish 9
Return of the Genie! Kirby Genie
No Way Out! Ditko Dr. Harris
I Saw Droom, the Living Lizard! Heck Droom
Fangs of the Bear Wildey robot teddy bear
#10, July 1960 Tales to Astonish 10
I Was Trapped by Titano, the Monster That Time Forgot! Kirby Titano
Only I Know When the World Will End!!! Heck Kartu
Something Lurks Inside Ditko The Spider-Things
What Was the Strange Power of Simon Drudd!! Kirby Simon Drudd
#11, September 1960 Tales to Astonish 11
I Found Monstrom! The Dweller in the Black Swamp! Kirby Monstrom
I Was Face-to-Face with the Forbidden Robot! Heck Forbidden Robot
I Dared to Look into the Beyond! Kirby Derek Welles
I Wore... the Mask of Drothor! Ditko Drothor
#12, October 1960 Tales to Astonish 12
I Discovered Gorgilla! The Monster of Midnight Mountain! Kirby Gorgilla
My Nightmare Has No End! Heck Stranger from Zendu
Save Me! Save Me! Reinman Albert Poole
A Monster Waits Outside!! Ditko deep space hallucination
#13, November 1960 Tales to Astonish 13
I Challenged... Groot! The Monster from Planet X! Kirby Groot
I Found the Abominable Snowman! Kirby Abominable Snowman
My Friend is... Not Quite Human! Ditko Gustav the woodcarver
I Found the Hidden World Heck The Creatures from the Hidden World
#14, December 1960 Tales to Astonish 14
I Created Krang! The Most Fantastic Monster the World Has Ever Known! Kirby Krang
Behold! I Am the Master of Time Ditko Father Time
The Thing in Human Form Heck Ogor the Martian; Zeno the Jovian
#15, January 1961  Tales to Astonish 15
I Learned the Dread Secret of the Blip! Kirby Blip
I Dared Enter the Forbidden World! Heck Antogg of Mars
I Am the Invisible! Ditko Zuka the witch; Karlos Konak
I Defied the Curse of Tut-Ah-Anka! Reinman crook
#16, February 1961 Tales to Astonish 16
Here Comes... Thorr the Unbelievable Kirby Thorr
My Touch Means... Doom Heck Bill Howard
Save Me from the Mole Men! Heck The Mole Men [III]
I Am the Victim of the Sorcerer! Ditko Sorcerer
#17, March 1961 Tales to Astonish 17
Vandoom, the Man Who Made a Creature! Kirby Vandoom's Creature
Beware of the Ghastly Glass Ditko wishing crystal
I Dared Enter the Haunted Room Heck ghost scientist
#18, April 1961 Tales to Astonish 18
Gorgilla Strikes Again! Kirby Gorgilla
Monsteroso! Ditko Monsteroso [I]
Robot on the Rampage! Ditko rebellious robot
#19, May 1961 Tales to Astonish 19
Rommbu! Kirby Rommbu
The Thing with Red Eyes Heck Al Rocco
The Terrible Trap! Ditko Zomok the Trapper
#20, June 1961 Tales to Astonish 20
What Was "X", the Thing That Lived! Kirby X
One-Way Journey! Ditko Adam Gree
#21, July 1961 Tales to Astonish 21
Trull! The Inhuman! Kirby Trull
It Happened on "The Silent Screen" Ditko Hulk [III]
Open Wider, Please Heck ?
#22, August 1961 Tales to Astonish 22
I Dared to Battle the Crawling Creature! Kirby Crawling Creature
Help! Heck typewriter
For Whom the Drum Beats! Ditko Madame Grimm
#23, September 1961  Tales to Astonish 23
The Unbelievable Menace of Moomba Kirby Moomba
Less Than Human! Heck Roby
The Voice from Nowhere! Ditko Asteroid
#24, October 1961 Tales to Astonish 24
I Found the Abominable Snowman! Kirby The Lizard-Men [II]; Abominable Snowman [II]
Something Missing!! Heck The Mercurians [I]
He Waits in the Dark! Ditko waiting man
#25, November 1961 Tales to Astonish 25
I Was Captured by the Creature from Krogarr! Kirby Creature from Krogarr
Behold Him! He is the Martian! Kirby Martian Spy Dan Blake
The Gypsy's Revenge! Heck Old Gypsy
Where Lurks the Ghost Ditko Brent caretaker
#26, December 1961 Tales to Astonish 26
Look Out!! Here Come the ... Four-Armed Men! Kirby The Four-Armed Men
He Walked Through Walls! Kirby Silas Birch; Stranger
Run, Rocky, Run! Forgione Rocky Jordan
Dream World! Ditko dreamer
#27, January 1962 Tales to Astonish 27
The Man in the Ant-Hill Kirby Henry Pym (Ant-Man); The Ants
Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall! Heck Black Magician
The Talking Horse Forgione ?
Dead Planet Ditko ?
#28, February 1962 Tales to Astonish 28
I Am the... Gorilla-Man! Kirby Gorilla-Man
Midnight on Haunted Hill Kirby Tree Alien
The Scheme Colan ?
The Frightening Fog Ditko The Mongoors
#29, March 1962 Tales to Astonish 29
When the Space-Beasts Attack! Kirby The Space-Beasts
The Man Who Blew Up the Earth Kirby Elias Cragston
What Happened to Harry? Ayers Harry Brown
The Last Laugh! Ditko Happy Harper; The "Angels"
#30, April 1962 Tales to Astonish 30
The Return of the Gorilla-Man Kirby Gorilla-Man
The Thing from the Hidden Swamp! Kirby Thing from the Hidden Swamp
What Was the Staggering Secret of the 13th Floor Heck Willy Sloane
Quogg! Ditko Quogg
#31, May 1962 Tales to Astonish 31
When the Mummy Walks Kirby Mummy
It Fell from the Flying Saucer! Kirby pencil from the flying saucer
Man of Iron Ditko ?
The Pretender! Reinman Kusoom
#32, June 1962 Tales to Astonish 32
Quicksand! Kirby Thing from the Quicksand; The Leprechauns
The Bully Boy! Kirby Robot Teacher
The Girl in the Black Hood! Heck May Dusa
I Am a Martian! Ditko The Martians [XXVI]
#33, July 1962 Tales to Astonish 33
What Happened in... Dead Storage Kirby Koru
The Frightened Man! Kirby John Bentley
The Voice of Fate! Heck The Fates
The Absent-Minded Professor Ditko ?
#34, August 1962 Tales to Astonish 34
A Monster at My Window! Kirby Monster at the Window
The Strange Fate of the Statue Maker! Kirby Luther Benedict
The Invaders Ditko The Invaders
Dance, You Fool Heck Carlos Carter
#35, September 1962 Tales to Astonish 35
The Return of the Ant-Man Kirby Ant-Man; Russian spies
The Doorway to Nowhere Ditko ?
The Thing from Outer Space Heck ?
#36, October 1962 Tales to Astonish 36
The Challenge of Comrade X! Kirby Ant-Man; Comrade X
The Hands of Time Reinman ?
The Search for Pan Ditko ?
#37, November  1962 Tales to Astonish 37
Trapped by the Protector! Kirby Ant-Man; Protector
I Was Afraid to Dream! Heck ?
The Star-Raiders! Ditko ?
#38, December 1962 Tales to Astonish 38
Betrayed by the Ants!! Kirby Ant-Man; Egghead
I Found the Impossible World Heck ?
The Secret of the Statues Ditko ?
#39, January 1963 Tales to Astonish 39
The Vengeance of the Scarlet Beetle! Kirby Ant-Man; Scarlet Beetle
Ozamm the Terrible! Heck Ozamm
The Toy Soldiers Ditko Zogg of the Sixth Dimension
#40, February 1963 Tales to Astonish 40
The Day That Ant-Man Failed! Kirby Ant-Man; Hijacker
I Was Trapped in the Mad Universe Heck ?
The Worst Man on Earth Ditko ?
#41, March 1963 Tales to Astonish 41
Prisoner of the Slave World! Heck Ant-Man; War Lord Kulla
When the Beast Walks  Sinnott ?
The Curse  Ditko ?
#42, April 1963 Tales to Astonish 42
The Voice of Doom! Heck Ant-Man; Voice
The Eyes of the Mummy  Sinnott ?
I Am Not Human  Ditko ?
#43, May 1963 Tales to Astonish 43
The Mad Master of Time! Heck Ant-Man; Time-Master
Frankie's Fast Ball  Leiber ?
My Fatal Mistake  Ditko ?
#44, June 1963 Tales to Astonish 44
The Creature from Kosmos! Kirby Ant-Man; Wasp; Creature from Kosmos
Hunted Ditko ?
#45, July 1963 Tales to Astonish 45
The Terrible Traps of Egghead! Heck Ant-Man; Wasp; Egghead
Bronson's Brain Ditko ?
It Walks Like a Man  Reinman ?
#46, August 1963 Tales to Astonish 46
..When Cyclops Walks the Earth Heck Ant-Man; Wasp; robot Cyclops; Kraglin; The A-Chiltarans
The Secret of the Swamp! Reinman ?
The Most Dangerous Weapon! Ditko ?
#47, September 1963 Tales to Astonish 47
Music to Scream By Heck Ant-Man; Wasp; Trago
The Smiling Gods; Leiber ?
Target -- Earth Ditko ?
#48, October 1963 Tales to Astonish 48
Ant-Man and Wasp Defy the Porcupine! Heck Ant-Man; Wasp; Porcupine
Grayson's Gorilla  Leiber ?
The Little Green Man!  Ditko ?
#49, November 1963 Tales to Astonish 49
The Birth of Giant-Man! Kirby Giant-Man; Wasp; Living Eraser
The End of the World Leiber ?
#50, December 1963 Tales to Astonish 50
The Human Top! Kirby Giant-Man; Wasp; Human Top
The Secret of Sagattus  Leiber ?
No Ending Leiber ?
#51, January 1964 Tales to Astonish 51
Showdown With the Human Top! Kirby Giant-Man; Wasp; Human Top
No Place to Turn Leiber ?
Somewhere Waits a Wobbow Leiber Wasp; Wobbow
#54, April 1964 Tales to Astonish 54
No Place to Hide! Heck Giant-Man; Wasp; El Toro
There Were Five Frightened Men...! Leiber Victor Conrad
Conquest Leiber Wasp; King Shann

In #51, one of the tales to astonish was told by the Wasp to some fans.  This "The Wonderful Wasp Tells a Tale" series continued, usually as the only backup feature, through #54, after which it became solo Wasp adventures for a couple of issues.  In #60, the Hulk series took over the remainder of the book, but these aren't the giants and hulks we're interested in, are they?

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