The Monsters of Tales of Suspense

Issue Number Cover Thumbnail, linked to larger image where available
Story Title Pencil Artist Monster, Villain, or Main Character
#1, January 1959 Tales of Suspense 1
The Strangers from Space! Williamson ?
I Dared to Explore the Unknown Emptiness Heck ?
The Day I Left My Body J. Buscema Wells
He Fled in the Night Lieber ?
Prisoner of the Satellites Ditko Ozt & Zak; Mark Coren
#2, March 1959 Tales of Suspense 2
Invasion from Outer Space Kirby The Spaceships
Trapped in Yesterday Forgione? ?
The Planet That Wasn't There Heath ?
The Secret of Planet "X" Ditko ?
A Robot in Hiding Sinnott ?
#3, May 1959 Tales of Suspense 3
The Terrible Time Machine Kirby Ashley Hunt
The Thing from Planet X Ditko ?
Robot Hater Reinman ?
The Haunted House Heck ?
The Aliens Who Conquered Earth! Sinnott ?
#4, July 1959 Tales of Suspense 4
The Invisible Army Sinnott Igor Zetaxas
One of Our Spacemen is Missing! Kirby living trees
The Voice of Doom! ? mysterious voice
Beware of the ... Robots! Williamson Joe Hughes
One of Us Is a Martian! Ditko Martian saboteur Geroko
#5, September 1959 Tales of Suspense 5
I Became a Human Robot! Sinnott Gammus, the Human Robot
I Fought the Tyrannosaurus Ditko a Tyrannosaurus Rex
I Walk thru Walls Reinman burglar
I Travelled through Time Forgione? ?
I Was Trapped in the Tunnel to Nowhere! Forte ?
#6, November 1959 Tales of Suspense 6
I Hear It Howl in the Swamp! Ditko Creature in the Swamp
I Was Captured by the Cyclops Heck ?
The Mutants and Me Sinnott Vincent Farnsworth
Who Hides Beneath My Mask Ayers ?
The Luna Lizards Had Me Trapped Kirby The Luna Lizards
#7, January 1960 Tales of Suspense 7
I Come from the Shadow World! Ditko Shadow Man
I Know the Power of the Genie Heck Genie [II]
My Name is Robot X Reinman Robot X [I]
I Was Trapped inside of the Martian Maze! Ditko The Martians [X]
I Fought the Molten Man-Thing! Kirby Molten Man-Thing
#8, March 1960 Tales of Suspense 8
Monstro! The Menace from the Murky Depths! Kirby Monstro [II]
The Story of Sammy Snork Everett Sammy Snork; The Martians [#?]
I Am the Changing Man Ditko Ozak
The Runaway Planet Wildey ?
It Walks by Night Heck Living Robot
#9, May 1960 Tales of Suspense 9
I Saw Diablo! The Demon from the Fifth Dimension! Kirby Diablo
Time on My Hands Forte ?
The Wrath of Chondu Wildey Chondu the Mystic
Earth Will Be Destroyed! Ditko The Gorgonians
The Return of the Living Robot Heck Living Robot
#10, July 1960 Tales of Suspense 10
I Brought the Mighty Cyclops Back to Life! Kirby Cyclops
I Was Trapped in Nightmare Valley Reinman The Nightmare Trees
Behind My Door Waits... Medusa! Ditko Medusa
I Am the Shaggy Creature Heck Shaggy Creature
#11, September 1960 Tales of Suspense 11
I Created Sporr! The Thing That Could Not Die! Kirby Sporr
I Know the Secret of the Flying Saucer! Ditko Flying Saucer [II]
Beware the Eyes of Igor Reinman Igor
I Escaped to Another World Heck ?
#12, November 1960 Tales of Suspense 12
I Alone Know the Dread Secret of Gor-Kill, the Living Demon! Kirby Gor-Kill
Those Who Lurk Below! Ditko The Earth Dwellers
The Monster in My Cellar! Crandall Monster in the Cellar
I Met the Thing on Midnight Island! Heck Ape-Creature [II]
#13, January 1961 Tales of Suspense 13
Elektro! He Held a World in His Iron Grip! Kirby Elektro
The Demon in the Dungeon! Heck Demon in the Dungeon
I Lived One Million Years Reinman Emperor
When the Earth Vanished! Ditko The Goloks
#14, February 1961 Tales of Suspense 14
I Created the Colossus! Kirby Colossus [II]
I Am... Gorak! Ditko Gorak
#15, March 1961 Tales of Suspense 15
Goom! The Thing from Planet X! Kirby Goom
I Am the Living Ghost! Ditko The "Ghosts" of Blackhorn Castle
Moomboo! Heck Moomboo
#16, April 1961 Tales of Suspense 16
The Thing Called Metallo! Kirby Metallo
Nightmare Heck ?
The Hands of Hogarr! Reinman Hogarr
#17, May 1961 Tales of Suspense 17
Beware of Googam, Son of Goom!! Kirby Googam
There is Something Strange about Mister Jones! Heck Davy Jones
What Lurks in the Mountain? Ditko The Strangers from the Stars
#18, June 1961 Tales of Suspense 18
Kraa the Unhuman Kirby Kraa
The Mysterious Mr. P Heck Mr. P
Enter... the Robot! Ditko Mine Robot
#19, July 1961 Tales of Suspense 19
The Green Thing! Kirby Green Thing
The Haunted Paper! Ditko Nick Rover
The Coming of Maaboo! Heck Maaboo
#20, August 1961 Tales of Suspense 20
Colossus Lives Again Kirby Colossus [II]
The Rocking Horse Reinman Hamim
The Bomb Ditko benevolent aliens
#21, September 1961 Tales of Suspense 21
Klagg! His Mission: Destroy Mankind! Kirby Klagg; Klagg's Ship
Whose Face Is in the Mirror? Ditko ?
The Man from Tomorrow! Kirby Walter Phelps
#22, October 1961 Tales of Suspense 22
Beware of ... Bruttu Kirby Bruttu
Only One is Human! Heck Martian double
The Anatomy of a Nightmare! Ditko The Wozuans
#23, November 1961 Tales of Suspense 23
I Entered the Dimension of Doom! Kirby Hypno-Creature; The Two-Dimensional People
The Creature from the Black Bog! Ditko Creature from the Black Bog
Going Down Reinman Simon Queel
The Changeling Kirby John from Centaurius II
#24, December 1961 Tales of Suspense 24
The Insect Man Kirby Insect Man
Beware... the Ticking Clocks! Kirby Klugari; Claudius Zemu; King Linus
Something Lurks in the Fog! Heck things in black
Long Live the King Ditko Prince Rujak
#25, January 1962 Tales of Suspense 25
The Death of Monstrollo! Kirby Monstrollo; The Hostile Aliens
The Unseen! Kirby Prof. Jason Wilkes
The Hidden Face Ditko ?
The Enchanted Paint! Reinman ?
#26, February 1962 Tales of Suspense 26
It Crawls by Night! Kirby Plant
Never Trust a Martian! Heck The Martians [XXII]
Seven Long Years Reinman ?
The Face Ditko ?
#27, March 1962 Tales of Suspense 27
Oog Lives Again! Kirby Oog
On the Trail of the Witch! Kirby Inspector Koraz
John Doe Reinman John Doe
His Name Was... Merlin! Ditko Merlin; Great Nero
#28, April 1962 Tales of Suspense 28
Titan, the Amphibian from Atlantis! Kirby Titan
Back from the Dead! Terror Lurks on Easter Island! Kirby Captain of the Stone Men
The Dummy Reinman ?
The Secret of the Black Planet Ditko Black Planet alien
#29, May 1962 Tales of Suspense 29
The Martian Who Stole a City! Kirby Martian Who Stole a City
Nothing Can Save Us Kirby Fire-Breathing Monster
It Was Only a Simple Barber Shop... Or Was It? Ditko Joe the barber
The Thing in the Locked Room Heck ?
#30, June 1962 Tales of Suspense 30
The Ghost Rode a Roller Coaster! Kirby Walter Burke's Ghost
The Creature from Krangro Kirby Creature from Krangro
The Man Who Couldn't Grow Old! Heck ?
Inside the Fallout Shelter! Ditko ?
#31, July 1962 Tales of Suspense 31
The Monster in the Iron Mask! Kirby Monster in the Iron Mask
The Man Who Found Shangri-La Kirby The People of Shangri-La
The Crackpot Heck Elias Poole
The Missing Link! Ditko "Missing Link"
#32, August 1962 Tales of Suspense 32
The Man in the Beehive! Kirby Lucius Farnsworth; The "Giant" Bees
Sazzik the Sorcerer! Kirby Sazzik the Sorcerer
The One Who Isn't Human Heck Silas Cragg; Robot X-22
The Thing in the Sky! Ditko rebellious weapon
#33, September 1962 Tales of Suspense 33
I Was Trapped in the Chamber of Fear! Kirby Hiram Cragmoor
The Mystery of the Tax Collector from Space Kirby Orgg
The Secret of the Mirage Heck ?
Where is the Wommelly? Ditko Wommelly
#34, October 1962 Tales of Suspense 34
I Found the Girl in the Blue Glass Bottle! Kirby Elias Dane
The Forbidden World Kirby The Forbidden World Inhabitants
The Coming of the Giants! Heck The Giant Aliens
Who Am I? Ditko ?
#35, November 1962 Tales of Suspense 35
I Accepted the Deadly Challenge of Zarkorr! Kirby Zarkorr
I Must Enter the Tomb of Tut-Am-Tut! Heck Albert Cragg
Never Threaten a Witchman! Ditko Zamoff the Witchman
Revolt of the Robots Reinman rebellious robots
#36, December 1962 Tales of Suspense 36
Meet Mr. Meek! Heck Silvester J. Meek
The Final Weapon Reinman Charles Benedict
The Gorilla from Outer Space Ditko Gorilla from Outer Space
#37, January 1963 Tales of Suspense 37
Haag! Hunter of Helpless Humans! Ditko Haag
A Voice in the Dark Reinman Freddy Sloan
Behold -- the Monster! Ditko The Alien Armada; Display Monster 
#38, February 1963 Tales of Suspense 38
The Teen-Ager Who Ruled the World! Davis Teen-Ager's Genie
We Can't All Be Human! Heck space pirates
The Man in the Mirror! Ditko Silas Haggle
#39, March 1963 Tales of Suspense 39
Iron Man is Born Heck Iron Man; Wong Chu
The Last Rocket Colan ?
Gundar! Ditko The Viking Ghosts
#40, April 1963 Tales of Suspense 40
Iron Man Versus Gargantus Kirby Iron Man; Gargantus the robot
Work of Art Leiber ?
Prophet of Doom! Ditko ?
#41, May 1963 Tales of Suspense 41
The Stronghold of Dr. Strange Kirby Iron Man; Dr. Strange [I]
The Sorcerer's Plot Leiber ?
The End of the Universe Ditko ?
#42, June 1963 Tales of Suspense 42
Trapped by the Red Barbarian Heck Iron Man; Red Barbarian; Actor
I Speak of the Haunted House! Ditko haunted house
Escape into Space Leiber ?
#43, July 1963 Tales of Suspense 43
Iron Man Vs. Kala, Queen of the Netherworld Kirby Iron Man; Queen Kala
You Can't Change the Past Ditko ?
I Was a Victim of Venus Leiber ?
#44, August 1963 Tales of Suspense 44
The Mad Pharoah Heck Iron Man; Mad Pharoah
One of Us Must Die Leiber ?
I Come from the Sky Ditko ?
#45, September 1963 Tales of Suspense 45
The Icy Fingers of Jack Frost Heck Iron Man; Jack Frost
I Come from Far Centaurus Leiber ?
#46, October 1963 Tales of Suspense 46
Iron Man Faces the Crimson Dynamo Heck Iron Man; Crimson Dynamo I
The Gargoyles Ditko The Gargoyles
Mr. Flubb's Flashlight ? ?
#47, November 1963 Tales of Suspense 47
Iron Man Battles the Melter Ditko Iron Man; Melter
Shock! Leiber ?
#48, December 1963 Tales of Suspense 48
The Mysterious Mr. Doll Ditko Iron Man; Mr. Doll
Kraddack Leiber ?
#49, January 1964 Tales of Suspense 49
The New Iron Man Meets the Angel Ditko Iron Man; Angel; The X-Men
The Saga of the Sneepers Leiber Watcher; The Sneepers
#50, February 1964 Tales of Suspense 50
The Hands of the Mandarin Heck Iron Man; Mandarin
Journey's End Leiber Watcher
#51, March 1964 Tales of Suspense 51
The Sinister Scarecrow Heck Iron Man; Scarecrow I
The Green Thing! Leiber Fernusian
The Primitive Leiber Watcher
#52, April 1964 Tales of Suspense 52
The Crimson Dynamo Strikes Again! Heck Iron Man; Crimson Dynamo II; Black Widow
The Seance Leiber ?
The Failure Leiber Watcher
#53, May 1964 Tales of Suspense 53
The Black Widow Strikes Again! Heck Iron Man; Black Widow
The Omen  Leiber  ?
The Way It Began  Leiber  Watcher
#54, June 1964 Tales of Suspense 54
The Mandarin's Revenge! Heck Iron Man; Mandarin
Skrang Strikes Tonight  Leiber ?
Hands Off  Leiber Watcher

As you see, monster stories started being edged out with the introduction of the Watcher series in #49, with #54 being their last gasp. The Watcher series started with him narrating otherwise standard monster/SF stories, then moved into actual adventures of the Watcher. It remained the sole backup story until #59, when Captain America split the book with Iron Man.

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