The Monsters Reprinted in Beware!/Tomb of Darkness

Beware! 1
#1, March 1973
The Werewolf Was Afraid repr. MENC 8 Romita Werewolf
Too Human to Live! repr. SPEL 16 Carabotta Marshall Steele
On the Trail of the Witch! repr. TOS 27 Kirby Inspector Koraz
Behind the Door repr. SPEL 16 Sinnott Death
Beware! 2
#2, May 1973
Blind Date repr. ST 9 Sekowsky? Death
O'Malley's Friend repr. ST 11 Colan Devil
No Answer repr. AST 56 Forte Bakor
The Man from Mars repr. ST 9 Fujitani The Martians
The Voice of Doom! repr. ST 9 Benulis Voice of Doom
Beware! 3
#3, July 1973
Don't Ever Gyp a Gypsy repr. MYT 14? Luster Madam Zarga; Slade Currin
The Man Who Ran Away repr. AIT 27 Luster The Elders of 4,024
Today I Am a Man! repr. MYT 14 Maneely The Androids
Marion's Murderer! repr. MYT 14 Tuska? Edward Erraut
Beware! 4
#4, September 1973
Horror on Haunted Hill! repr. AWW 14 Infantino Saturnian
Forever is a Long Time! repr. AWW 14 Woromey Genie of Barku
A Shriek in the Night repr. AAW 14? ? murderous couple
The Man Who Walked on Water! repr. AWW 14 Pike Man Who Walked on Water
Beware! 5
#5, November 1973
The Old Lady's Son repr. MYST 6 Henkel Mrs. E. Mason; Mark Mason
The Horrible House! repr. AIT 29 Eadeh liches
Bong! repr. MYST ? DiPreta Hugo Walther
You Can Only Die Once! repr. AIT 8 Stallman George Anders
Beware! 6
#6, January 1974
The Deadly Plague! (was "The Polka-Dot Man") reti. MYT 25 Ayers The Polka-Dot People; Dr. Zorko
Hex! repr. AIT 14 Tuska John-Johns
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall! repr. MYT 25 ? Winters the pawnbroker
The Little People repr. AIT 14 DiPreta Barker
Beware! 7
#7, March 1974
Double Feature repr. MYST 30 ? Warren Koster
The Storm Walkers! (was "Stormy Night!") reti. MYST 59 Kweskin The Conquerors
The Secret of the Haunted Picture! repr. MYLT 7 Torres Nelson Arne
When Warren Woke Up! repr. MT 138 Fawcette plant life
The Lonely Man repr. MT 126 Eadeh Norton Dunlap
Beware! 8
#8, May 1974
The Helping Hand! repr. MT 129 ? George Ribbons
The Black Dungeon repr. MYST 2 ? Konrad Gruber; Otto the dummy
The Thing That Stalks Skull Valley! (was "The Strange Valley!") repr. MYST 37 Lawrence The Gods of Skull Valley
They Walk Thru Walls! repr. AST 56 Reinman Clayton; guardians of mankind
Tomb of Darkness 9
9, July 1974
The Man in the Tomb! repr. MYST 26 ? ?
Juggernaut repr. AIT 24 Colan ?
Good Morning, Mr. Smith! repr. MYST 26 Carrabotta ?
The Living and the Dead! repr. MYST 27 ? ?
Tomb of Darkness 10
#10, September 1974
The Man Who Cried Ghost! repr. AIT 12 Robbins ghosts
Man Alone! repr. JIM 16 Eadeh Husu Ko
The Wooden Man! repr. AWW 6 ? Ventro and Kevin
The Vultures repr. JIM 16 Banks Malcolm Fletcher's sons
Which Road to Take! repr. UT 42 ? The Sorcerers
Tomb of Darkness 11
#11, November 1974
The Mask of the Mind! repr. MT 96 ? Grave Robber
The Forbidden Room repr. MYLT 6 Sinnott Helen Simpson
Tomb with a View repr. AST 17 Brodsky? George Fenton
To Build a Robot! repr. WOF 18 Kirby Luther Worthington
The Witch's Son! repr. MT 96 ? Witch's Son
Tomb of Darkness 12
#12, January 1975
The Body Snatchers repr. AIT 24 Luster Dr. Knopf
If the Shoe Fits repr. ST 8 Maneely murderer
The Vampire's Coffin repr. MYT 15 ? Capt. Banner
Love Story repr. SPEL 14 Maneely Brolu the witch doctor
Tomb of Darkness 13
13, March 1975
The Man in the Tomb! repr. MYST 12 ? ?
Alone! repr. AWW 9 Brown ?
Stop the Presses! repr. MYST 12 Colan Cy Ubert
The Gal Who Talked Too Much! repr. UT 7 ? Simon Graves
Tomb of Darkness 14
#14, May 1975
Vampire repr. MT 100 ? Dina Dracko
The Trap repr. ST 5 ? Hugh Kane
Wish You Were Here! repr. MT 159 Winiarski Franz Necco
The Strange Power of Mr. Dunn! repr. AST 57 Romita Mr. Dunn
Tomb of Darkness 15
#15, July 1975
I Ain't Got No Body repr. AST 33 Winter Charlie the bum
Beware the Future Man! repr. ST 96 Heck man from the year 3,000
The Hidden Island repr. UT 54 Kida island of mist
I Was Trapped inside of the Martian Maze! repr. TOS 7 Ditko The Martians
Tomb of Darkness 16
#16, September 1975
Back from the Dead! repr. TOS 28 Kirby Captain of the Stone Men
The Last of Mr. Mordeaux repr. AST 11 Sinnott The Mordeaux
We Can't All Be Human! repr. TOS 38 Heck space pirates
Tomb of Darkness 17
17, November 1975
Find a Pin and Pick It Up repr. UT 14 Sinnott ?
There's No Tomorrow repr. AST 48 Powell ?
The Secret Beyond Belief! repr. AST 63 Woodbridge ?
The Assassin! repr. MT 129 ? ?
Tomb of Darkness 18
18, January 1976
Something Lurks on Shadow Mountain! repr. COD 3 J. Buscema Pandora
I Unleashed Shagg upon the World repr. JIM 59 Kirby Shagg
Eve of Halloween! repr. AST 47 Winiarski ?
? ? ? ?
Tomb of Darkness 19
19, March 1976
My Nightmare Has No End! repr. TTA 12 Heck Stranger from Zendu
It's Only Magic! repr. COD 1 J. Buscema Djinn
I Found the Abominable Snowman! repr. TTA 13 Kirby Abominable Snowman
Tomb of Darkness 20
20, May 1976
And Fear Shall Follow! repr. COD 5 Kirby U-2 pilot
Skull-Face repr. MYT 6 DiPreta Skull-Face
The Kiss of Death repr. VENUS 19 Everett Venus
Tomb of Darkness 21
#21, July 1976
The Day before Doomsday! repr. ST 99 Kirby Premier Zorkon
Five Fingers repr. MT 131 Hodge Ned Field
You Can't Kill Me! repr. ST 16 Anderson Henri Lebret
Tomb of Darkness 22
#22, September 1976
I Created Grutan rewr. ST 75 Heck Hulk [III] (Grutan); (Henry Pym)
Brother of a Monster repr. MT 113 Sekowsky Hans and Leslie Lawson
The Madman's Music repr. VENUS 19 Morisi The Ghostly Things
They Made Me a Ghost! repr. ST 16 Sekowsky Blackie Droome; Satan
Tomb of Darkness 23
#23, November 1976
Death is a Mountain! (was "The Roof of the World") reti. MADV 25 Reinman Thorn Keller
Address Unknown repr. MT 146 Bean Herman Hofferman
Spaceship in My Barn repr. AST 47 Everett The Aldebaranians
The Old Couple! repr. MT 132 Greene John and Bessy