The Monsters from Other Comics

Amazing Adventures/Amazing Adult Fantasy

A very late start-up monster title, it shortly became an all-Ditko showcase, and then one of the most famous comics in history.
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Story Title Pencil 
Monster, Villain, or Main Character
#1, June 1961 Amazing Adventures 1
Torr Kirby Torr
Midnight in the Wax Museum Ditko Pierre La Roc; wax figures
I Am the Fantastic Dr. Droom! Kirby Dr. Droom; Gorlion
#2, July 1961 Amazing Adventures 2
I Led the Strange Search for Manoo Kirby Manoo; Manoo's foe
The World Below! Kirby Dr. Droom; The Atlanteans
Rocky's Last Ride Ditko Rocky Baines; Martian prisoner
#3, August 1961 Amazing Adventures 3
We Were Trapped in the Twilight World! Kirby Cro; prehistoric animals
The Teddy Bear Ditko Teddy
Dr. Droom Meets Zemu Kirby Dr. Droom; Zemu
#4, September 1961 Amazing Adventures 4
I Am Robot X Kirby Robot X [II]; The Martians [XVI]
Who or What Was... The Bootblack? Ditko The Bootblack
What Lurks Within? Kirby Dr. Droom; aliens
#5, October 1961 Amazing Adventures 5
The Escape of... Monsteroso! Kirby Monsteroso [II]
The Watchers! Heck The Watchers (not Uatu's race)
The Joker! Ditko The Martians [XVIII]
#6, November 1961 Amazing Adventures 6
Sserpo, the Creature That Crushed the World! Kirby Sserpo
The Fourth Man Ditko animated statue
Dr. Droom Defies the Menace Called... Krogg! Reinman Dr. Droom; Krogg
#7, December 1961 Amazing Adult Fantasy 7
Why Won't They Believe Me? Ditko alien invader (retconned to be a Skrull)
The Last Man on Earth Ditko Sidney Blake
Witch Hunt! Ditko Ben; Sarah
Journey's End Ditko thug; Prof. Storm
The Icy Fingers of Fear Ditko alien child
#8, January 1962 Amazing Adult Fantasy 8
The Coming of the Krills! Ditko The Krills
Everyone Likes a... Ghost Story Ditko Ghost of Kragmore Castle; Anton Axel
The Eyes of Edward Morgo Ditko Edward Morgo
The Yo-Yo Ditko Tom Bobkins
A Monster among Us Ditko benevolent alien
#9, February 1962 Amazing Adult Fantasy 9
The Terror of Tim Boo Ba Ditko Tim Boo Ba
The Man Who Captured Death! Ditko Death
I Come from the Black Void Ditko Xenian visitor
The Spirit of Swami River Ditko Swami River; ghost
The Genie Lives Ditko Genie [IV]
#10, March 1962 Amazing Adult Fantasy 10
Those Who Change Ditko time-meddling scientists
The Mark of the Toad Ditko ?
No Sign of Life Ditko living asteroids
Man on a Tightrope Ditko ?
Mister Universe Ditko Karl Kragg
#11, April 1962 Amazing Adult Fantasy 11
In Human Form Ditko Zogg the shape-shifter
For the Rest of Your Life! Ditko Rico the future's car thief
The Secret of the Universe! Ditko diseased pilot
The Ice-Monster Cometh! Ditko Hugo Bogg; Ice-Monster
Where Walks the Ghost? Ditko Pa and Emma
#12, May 1962 Amazing Adult Fantasy 12
Melvin and the Martian Ditko Melvin Burns; The Martians [XXV]
I, the Gargoyle Ditko Alan Swan
Something Fantastig? [sic] Ditko Man from 5th Dimension; Stan Lee; Steve Ditko
The Plague Ditko Ramon Corbo
The Living Statues Ditko Mike Rugger
#13, June 1962 Amazing Adult Fantasy 13
The Unsuspecting Ditko shapeshifting aliens
Great Zeus Ditko Zeus
The Little Gypsy Tea Room Ditko gypsy woman
The Ultimate Weapon Ditko hoax weapon
At the Stroke of Midnight! Ditko giant undersea monsters
#14, July 1962 Amazing Adult Fantasy 14
Beware of the Giants Ditko Mr. Jann the Leprechaun
The Man in the Sky Ditko Tad Carter
What Happened in the Wax Museum? Ditko Herr Wagner
Footsteps at Midnight Ditko aliens
Ozarr the Mighty Ditko Ozarr the genie
#15, August 1962 Amazing Fantasy 15
Spiderman Ditko Spider-Man (Peter Parker); burglar; Uncle Ben Parker; Aunt May Parker
The Bell-Ringer Ditko Pedros
Man in the Mummy Case Ditko Rocco Rank; mummy
There Are Martians among Us Ditko The Martians [XXVII]

Strange Worlds

This was technically an Atlas book, but it was launched after Atlas's late-'50s meltdown and mostly contained the artists associated with Marvel, so I include it here.
#1, December 1958 Strange Worlds 1
I Discovered the Secret of the Flying Saucers! Kirby Flying Saucer
I Captured the Abominable Snowman! Ditko Yetti
I Am Robot Sinnott Thorne's robot
I Am the Last Man on Earth Heck Adam; Eve
#2, February 1959 Strange Worlds 2
I Was a Prisoner on the Planet of Plunder Heck Rick Dugan
I Was the Miracle Man Williamson Bruno Storme
I Saw the Day the World Ended! ? Professor Garth
The Little Lost Planet Ditko the "planet" alien
I Am the Scourge of Atlantis Ayers Ogarth
#3, April 1959 Strange Worlds 3
I Was a Human Satellite Ditko ?
My Job... Catch A Robot Sinnott ?
I Was Face-to-Face with the Creature from Planet X Kirby Creature from Planet X
I Was the Man Who Lived Twice J. Buscema ?
I Fly to the Stars Kirby Frank Coventry
#4, June 1959 Strange Worlds 4
Journey to Jupiter Sinnott ?
A Magician Walks among Us Ditko Prof. Dolan
A Man without a Past Reinman ?
I Was the Changing Man! Williamson Duncan Sloan
Manhunt on Mars J. Buscema The Martians [V]
#5, August 1959 Strange Worlds 5
We Are the 3 Who Vanished Heck ?
I Couldn't Stop the Runaway Comet Ditko ?
I Am... Gorilla Reinman ?
Don't Send Me... Out There! Forgione ?
They Call Me.... Space Pirate Sinnott ?

World of Fantasy

Also an Atlas book, it, too, contained stories by the artists most associated with early Marvel, starting with #16.
#16, February 1959 World of Fantasy 16
Nightmare Planet Sinnott ?
Arise, Oh Geni... Ditko Geni
Worlds Within Worlds ? ?
Beware the Future Heck ?
Prison, 2000 A.D. Kirby John Fox
#17, April 1959 World of Fantasy 17
It Hides in the Forest! Sinnott alien shape-shifter
When a Planet Dies! Heck Warlord Xanna
Man from Tomorrow! Burgos Humphrey Pym
The Brain Picker! Baker? Frederic Kane
Guardian of the Stars! Ditko robot watchman
#18, June 1959 World of Fantasy 18
The Creature Who Captured Earth Heck ?
The Clock Strikes Never Ditko ?
To Build a Robot Kirby Luther Worthington
The Man Who Talks to the Stars Forte ?
Xom, the Menace from Outer Space! Sinnott Xom
#19, August 1959 World of Fantasy 19
The Gargoyle from the 5th Galaxy Heck Gargoyle from the 5th Galaxy
Deluge! Ditko Jason Trump
The Iron Hulk Sinnott ?
The Brain Destroyer Burgos ?
I Was Stranded in Space Sinnott ?

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