The Monsters of Journey into Mystery

Journey into Mystery began in 1952 as a horror/mystery title.  We pick it up at the beginning of 1959, when Ditko, Heck, and Kirby first joined the book.

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Story Title Pencil 
Monster, Villain, or Main Character
#50, January 1959 Journey into Mystery 50
Worlds at War Davis The Martians [I]
Three Who Vanished Ditko "George Brewer"
Uneasy Lies the Head Forgione ?
Adrift in Space Heck ?
The Green Fog Baker ?
#51, March 1959  Journey into Mystery 51
The Ghost Ship of Space Sinnott ?
The Creatures in the Volcano Kirby The Igneous Rex Aliens
The Prison Planet ? ?
Alien on Earth Kirby Alien Creature
Robot on the Rampage! Ditko Supreme Calculator
#52, May 1959  Journey into Mystery 52
Menace from Mars Kirby Emperor of Mars; The Martians [IV]
The Man with the Atomic Brain Ditko Ted Lestron
Trapped on Earth ? ?
Travelers in Time Burgos ?
Invasion from Outer Space Sinnott "Space Invader"
#53, July 1959  Journey into Mystery 53
Only Twelve of Us May Live Sinnott ?
Beware of Tomorrow Ditko ?
The Stranger from Space Forte Frank Mason
Shadows in the Night Sinnott ?
He Made the Machines Go Mad Heck XTT-4
#54, September 1959  Journey into Mystery 54
I Unleashed Monstro on the World! Ditko Monstro [I]
I Dared to Defy.... The Idol's Curse Sinnott ?
My Other Face Williamson ?
I Know the Gargoyle's Secret J. Severin Gargoyle
I Am the Menace from the Purple Planet Kirby Mark VIII; Gxenu
#55, November 1959  Journey into Mystery 55
I Found the Giant in the Sky Ditko Giant in the Sky
I Was a Prisoner of... the Ape Creatures Sinnott The Ape Creatures [I]
I Can Live Forever Forte ?
My Neighbor's Secret Kirby Noah
I Saw the Serpent that Saved the World Heck Serpent Creature
#56, January 1960  Journey into Mystery 56
I Brought Zog Back to Life! Heck Zog
I Saw the Lighthouse Ghosts Sinnott The Ghosts of the Flying Dutchman
I Planted the Seeds of Doom! Kirby The Seeds of Doom
I Shrunk Away to Nothing! Ditko Brad the drifter
#57, March 1960  Journey into Mystery 57
Orogo!! The Nightmare from Outer Space!! Heck Orogo
The Earth-Crawlers! Ditko Tutaku the Witch Doctor; giant roots
The Metal Monster Reinman Grogko the Gypsy
The Martian Who Stole My Body! Kirby Zetora the Martian; The Martians [XI]
#58, May 1960  Journey into Mystery 58
Return of the Martian! Kirby Zetora the Martian
I Found Rro... the Thing from the Bottomless Pit Heck Rro
They Called Me a Witch! Kirby Amanda Dalton
Beware!!! Of the Little Toy Men!! Ditko The Toy Men
#59, July 1960  Journey into Mystery 59
I Unleashed Shagg Upon the World! Kirby Shagg
I Was Trapped in Horror House! Reinman ?
The Revenge of the Wooden Woman Ditko ?
I Am the Beast-Man! Heck Beast-Man
#60, September 1960  Journey into Mystery 60
I Learned the Monstrous Secret of Bombu! Kirby Bombu
We Were Trapped With the Silent Monster! Heck The Silent Monsters
I Found the Things from Nowhere Kirby The Things from Nowhere
I Turned into a... Martian! Ditko Martian [XII]
#61, October 1960  Journey into Mystery 61
I Defied Gomdulla--The Living Pharaoh! Kirby Gomdulla
I Dared Enter the Haunted Forest Heck Mr. Zorn
I Opened the Door to... Nowhere! Ditko hypnotist
The Curse of M'Gumbu! Reinman M'Gumbu the witch doctor
#62, November 1960  Journey into Mystery 62
A Hulk Walks the Land! Kirby Xemnu
There is a Brain behind the Fangs! Heck Pharaoh the cat
I Can't Escape from the Creeping Things! Ditko The Tree; Silas Bleede
#63, December 1960  Journey into Mystery 63
Goliath, The Monster That Walked Like A Man Kirby Goliath
I Was Trapped by the Mole Men Heck The Mole Men [II]
The Dangerous Doll Kirby The Doll
I Took a Journey into Fear! Ditko Otto Bruger
#64, January 1961  Journey into Mystery 64
I Dared to Battle... Rorgg, King of the Spider Men! Kirby Rorgg
I Found the Lair of... the Lizard Men Heck Eric Kane; The Lizard-Men [I]
I Must Find Korumbu! Ditko Korumbu; Hugo Barge
Who Is the Ape Man? Reinman Ape Man [I]
#65, February 1961 Journey into Mystery 65
I Am the Brute That Walks! Kirby Brute That Walks
Fear in the Night Ditko Fear in the Night
Kragoo! Heck The Kragoo
#66, March 1961  Journey into Mystery 66
The Return of the Hulk! Kirby Xemnu
The Black Ray Reinman Hiram Drudd
The Thing behind the Wall Ditko Morak
#67, April 1961 Journey into Mystery 67
Gruto! The Creature from Nowhere! Kirby Gruto
The Black Clock! Heck black clock
The Last Voyage of Captain Kragg Ditko Captain Kragg
#68, May 1961  Journey into Mystery 68
Spragg, Conqueror of the Human Race! Kirby Spragg
Where Walks the Ghost Ditko Mr. Zero
The Man from Mars! Heck Luxurr
#69, June 1961  Journey into Mystery 69
I Was Captured by... Korilla! Kirby Korilla
The Iron Giant! Reinman ?
When Darkness Falls!! Ditko living mannequins
#70, July 1961  Journey into Mystery 70
The Sandman Cometh! Kirby Sandman
A Thousand Years Reinman Jordan the convict; Devil
The Stone Man Ditko Dralla
#71, August 1961  Journey into Mystery 71
I Brought the Roc to Life! Kirby Roc
The Boy Who Vanished! Reinman Billy Carter
The Painting Ditko Simon Squeed
#72, September 1961  Journey into Mystery 72
The Glob! Kirby Glob
The Patient in Room 3D Reinman intelligent ape
Will This Be the End of the World? Ditko microscopic humans
#73, October 1961 Journey into Mystery 73
Where Will You Be, When...The Spider Strikes! Kirby Spider
What Lurks on Channel X? Kirby The Plutonians
Menace from Mars! Heck The Martians [XIX]
One Look Means Doom Ditko Medusa
#74, November 1961  Journey into Mystery 74
The Thing in the Black Box! Kirby Thing in the Black Box; Pandora 
Midnight in the Wax Museum Kirby The Wax Museum Creatures
The Mechanical Men! Ditko Z-4
Forever is a Long Long Time! Heck Luther Kane
#75, December 1961  Journey into Mystery 75
Lo-Karr, Bringer of Doom! Kirby Lo-Karr
Mister Gregory and the Ghost! Kirby The Haunted House
The Magic of Mordoo! Reinman Mordoo
The Man Who Lost the World Ditko Bruno the lab assistant
#76, January 1962  Journey into Mystery 76
The Genie with the Light Brown Hair Kirby Genie with the Light Brown Hair
Mind over Matter! Heck Tibetan Lama
Follow the Leader Kirby Leader [II]
Escape to… Nowhere! Ditko Joe Krane
#77, February 1962  Journey into Mystery 77
Beware! He Isn't Human! Kirby Eric Krugg's Robot
I Don't Believe in Ghosts! Kirby Mr. Jordan; ghosts
When Aliens Walk the Earth Heck ?
They Were Only Scarecrows Ditko The Scarecrows
#78, March 1962  Journey into Mystery 78
Kraggoom! The Creature Who Caught an Astronaut! Kirby Kraggoom
The Sorcerer! Kirby Aaron the sorcerer; wizards
The Clutching Hand Sinnott ?
Monsters on Mercury! Ditko The Mercurians [II]
#79, April 1962  Journey into Mystery 79
The Midnight Monster! Kirby Midnight Monster
The Man Who Played Dead! Heck Dummy
Wings of the Butterfly! Sinnott The Butterflies of Kralton
The Speed Demon Ditko Speedy Simms
#80, May 1962  Journey into Mystery 80
Won't You Step into My Parlor...??? Kirby Darius Zamora
Propaganda Kirby The Ancestors' Gods
I Spent a Night in a Haunted House! Heck Cragstone House
For the Birds! Ditko ?
#81, June 1962  Journey into Mystery 81
The Ruler of Earth! Kirby Ruler of Earth
There Dwells a Dragon Kirby Dragon
Kunga Colan Kunga
The Comic Strip! Ditko Nick Nash
#82, July 1962  Journey into Mystery 82
The Scorpion Strikes! Kirby Scorpion
I Am the Prisoner of the Voodoo King! Colan Voodoo King
The Next Galaxy Heck ?
Take a Chair Ditko Gorgi Gruff
#83, August 1962  Journey into Mystery 83
The Stone Men from Saturn! Kirby Thor; The Stone Men from Saturn
The Perfect Crime Heck ?
When the Jungle Sleeps Ditko ?
#84, September 1962  Journey into Mystery 84
The Mighty Thor vs. the Executioner! Kirby Thor; Cuban Executioner
The Witching Hour Heck ?
Somewhere Hides a... Thing! Ditko ?
#85, October 1962  Journey into Mystery 85
Trapped by Loki, the God of Mischief! Kirby Thor; Loki
Filbert's Frightful Future Heck ?
Off-Limits! Ditko ?
#86, November 1962  Journey into Mystery 86
On the Trail of the Tomorrow Man! Kirby Thor; Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man
Humans, Keep Out! Heck The Venusians
The Changeling Ditko ?
#87, December 1962  Journey into Mystery 87
Prisoner of the Reds! Kirby Thor; Russian commandant
I Know the Secret of the Sea Monster Reinman ?
The Man on the Endless Stairway Ditko Carl Cragg
#88, January 1963 Journey into Mystery 88
The Vengeance of Loki! Kirby Thor; Loki
Behind Locked Doors Ditko ?
Long Live the Queen Heck ?
#89, February 1963 Journey into Mystery 89
The Thunder-God and the Thug! Kirby Thor; "Thug" Thatcher
Barker's Body Shop Lieber alien mechanic
When the Switch Is Pulled Ditko ?
#90, March 1963 Journey into Mystery 90
Trapped by the Carbon-Copy Man! Hartley Thor; Carbon-Copy Man
The Midnight Caller Ditko ?
I Am A Robot Sinnott ?
#91, April 1963 Journey into Mystery 91
Sandu, Master of the Supernatural! Sinnott Thor; Loki; Sandu
The Seedlings Lieber ?
The Manikins! Ditko ?
#92, May 1963 Journey into Mystery 92
The Day Loki Stole Thor's Magic Hammer Sinnott Thor; Loki
The Man Who Hated Monstro Reinman Monstro the ape
I Used to Be Human Ditko ?
#93, June 1963 Journey into Mystery 93
The Mysterious Radio-Active Man! Kirby Thor; Radio-Active Man
The Man Who Wouldn't Die! Lieber ?
I Saw a Martian Ditko The Martians [XXVIII]
#94, July 1963 Journey into Mystery 94
Thor and Loki Attack the Human Race! Sinnott Thor; Loki
Dinner Time on Deimos Lieber Laird Benedict
The Gentle Old Man! Ditko Gregory "Greedy" Grundy
#95, August 1963 Journey into Mystery 95
The Demon Duplicators! Sinnott Thor; Prof. Zaxton
The Tomb of Tut-Amm-Tut! Ditko ?
Save Me From the Lizard Men! Lieber ?
#96, September 1963 Journey into Mystery 96
Defying the Magic of... Mad Merlin! Sinnott Thor; Mad Merlin
Call Her... Medusa Lieber The Gorgons
Frederick Fenton's Future! Ditko ?
#97, October 1963 Journey into Mystery 97
The Lava Man Kirby Thor; Lava Man
The Perfect Defense! Lieber ?
Tales of...... Asgard! Home of the Mighty Norse Gods Kirby Odin; Surtur; Ymir
#98, November 1963 Journey into Mystery 98
Challenged by the Human Cobra! Heck Thor; Cobra
The Purple Planet Lieber ?
Odin Battles Ymir, King of the Ice Giants Kirby Odin; Ymir
#99, December ?1963 Journey into Mystery 99
The Mysterious Mister Hyde! Heck Thor; Mister Hyde
Stroom's Strange Solution! Lieber ?
Surtur the Fire Demon! Kirby Odin; Surtur
#100, January 1964 Journey into Mystery 100
The Master Plan of Mr. Hyde! Heck Thor; Mister Hyde
The Unreal! Lieber ?
The Storm Giants Kirby Thor; Loki; The Storm Giants
#101, February 1964 Journey into Mystery 101
The Return of Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man! Kirby Thor; Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man
The Enemies! Lieber ?
The Invasion of Asgard! Kirby Thor; King Geirrodur; Fenris Wolf; Frost Giant; Kai-Ra and Glump, the Rime Giants; Norn Hag; Skoll and Hati, the Wolf Gods; Ulfrin the Dragon
#102, March 1964 Journey into Mystery 102
Slave of Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man! Kirby Thor; Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man
The Menace! Lieber ?
Death Comes to Thor! Kirby Thor; Hela
#103, April 1964 Journey into Mystery 103
The Enchantress and the Executioner! Kirby Thor; Enchantress; Executioner
To Live Forever! Lieber ?
Thor's Mission to Mirmir! Kirby Thor; Mirmir
#104, May 1964 Journey into Mystery 104
Giants Walk the Earth! Kirby Thor; Surtur; storm giant Skagg
Revenge Lieber ?
Heimdall, Guardian of the Rainbow Bridge Kirby Heimdall; Agnar the Fierce; Gotron the Agile

The single journey into mystery was then dropped, and the Thor story expanded by the extra number of pages.  Notice how the logo was changed for that last issue, although the book would retain its old title until #126, when it became Thor.  

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