The Monsters Reprinted in Journey into Mystery, Volume 2

The original Journey into Mystery having long since been renamed after its starring character, Thor, the JIM title was lying around, unused, when Marvel discovered that its monster reprint books were selling well enough to expand the line.  A new JIM began with original stories, mostly adaptations of famous horror stories, but soon switched over to complete reprints.

Story Title Reprinted from Pencil 
Monster, Villain, or Main Character
Journey into Mystery, v. 2, no. 1
#1, October 1972
Dig Me No Grave! adaptation of Robert E. Howard story Kane Malik Tous
House new Reese House
You Show Me Your Dream -- I'll Show You Mine!! new Starlin Death
Journey into Mystery, v. 2, no. 2
#2, December 1972
Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper! adaptation of Robert Bloch story Kane Jack the Ripper
More Than Blood! new Graham psychic vampire
The Girl Who Couldn't Die repr. AIT 6 Lawrence Dr. Lee Fuller
Journey into Mystery, v. 2, no. 3
#3, February 1973
The Shambler from the Stars! adaptation of Robert Bloch story Starlin Shambler from the Stars
Revenge from the Rhine! new Kweskin weedy liches
Genius! repr. MENC 4 Maneely Gerald Morsden
Journey into Mystery, v. 2, no. 4
#4, April 1973
The Haunter of the Dark! adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft story Colan Haunter of the Dark
The Price is Flight! new Russell Clifford the Great
The Man with -- Two Faces! new Mortimer Nyokut Chsai
Journey into Mystery, v. 2, no. 5
#5, June 1973
The Shadow from the Steeple! adaptation of Robert Bloch story Colan Nyarlathotep
For Love of Money! new Mortimer The Von Strom House
An Invasion of Privacy new Reinman Stella Xavier
Journey into Mystery, v. 2, no. 6
#6, August 1973
He Who Hesitates... repr. JIM 8 Eadeh William Baker
The Strange Case of Mr. Whimple! repr. JIM 8 Kida? Mr. Whimple
Indoor Sport! repr. JIM 8 Kweskin Mona Rand
The Tough Guy repr. JIM 8 Maneely Hank Klopp
Journey into Mystery, v. 2, no. 7
#7, October 1973
The Scorpion Strikes! repr. JIM 82 Kirby Scorpion
Won't You Step into My Parlor...??? repr. JIM 80 Kirby Luther Krumhorn; Darius Zamora
Take a Chair repr. JIM 82 Ditko Gorgi Gruff
Journey into Mystery, v. 2, no. 8
#8, December 1973
The Bewitched Bike! repr. JIM 4 DiPreta Tellif Kelk; Spider Becco
Death Waits Within! repr. JIM 4 Hubbel Mr. & Mrs. Kumel
Out of the Night repr. UT 17 Mooney Bug
The Man Who Was Nobody repr. JIM 15 ? Beta-1
Journey into Mystery, v. 2, no. 9
#9, February 1974
Coffin of Hell! repr. SPEL 21 ? X-8-B
I Can Hear You Think! repr. MYST 41 Carrabotta The Mind-Reading Children
The New Tenants repr. UT 12 Everett Adam Grange
Wilson's Woman repr. MYST 30 Wildey Wilson's Woman
Journey into Mystery, v. 2, no. 10
#10, April 1974
The Threat of Tim Boo Ba repr. AAF 9 Ditko Tim Boo Ba
Something in the Fog! repr. ST 8 Goldfarb The Flying Dutchman's crew
Plague! repr. UT 38 Winiarski gun holder
Fame! repr. ST 8 Stallman Vance Roamer
Shhhh! repr. MYT 15 ? insane scientist
Journey into Mystery, v. 2, no. 11
#11, June 1974
House for Sale repr. MYST 8 ? Paul Harris
The Secret Men repr. WOF 10 Doxsee Captain Shaw
The Burning Flame! repr. MYST 8 Kane bum
I Went Through the Veil! repr. WOF 10 Reinman Lise
The Books That Were Alive repr. WOF 10 Meskin Bert Wells
Journey into Mystery, v. 2, no. 12
12, August 1974
Kiss of Death! repr. AWW 16 DiPreta female vampire
The Genie Lives repr. AAF 9 Ditko Genie
The Question repr. JIM 16 Carrabotta the Brain
Hide and Shriek repr. MYLT 7 Forte Khala
Journey into Mystery, v. 2, no. 13
#13, October 1974
I Captured the Abominable Snowman! repr. SW 1 Ditko Yetti
Revolt of the Robots ? Andru Cyrus Evans's robots
The Imitation Man repr. ST 100 Kirby Carlos Zarago
The Terrible Teeth! repr. MT 114 ? Jimmy Willis
Journey into Mystery, v. 2, no. 14
#14, December 1974
When Wakes the Sphinx! repr. ST 70 Ditko Sphinx; Okzik and Zokae
The Thing on the Moon repr. ST 79 Heck Thing on the Moon
It Cames from Nowhere repr. MT 126 Wildey living pool
If Looks Could Kill! repr. UT 11 ? Prof. Ted Carter
Journey into Mystery, v. 2, no. 15
#15, February 1975
I Fought the Molten Man-Thing! repr. TOS 7 Kirby Molten Man-Thing
It Was Only a Simple Barber Shop... Or Was It? repr. TOS 29 Ditko Joe the barber
Which Wish, Dish...? repr. MYST 36 Pike Mary/Marie Antoinette
The Hungry Jaws repr. UT 11 Colan army ants
Journey into Mystery, v. 2, no. 16
#16, April 1975
The Man Who Said "No" repr. STOU 10 Torres Jonathan Bascombe
The Rag Doll! repr. STOU 11 Roussos rag doll
The Old Man's Secret! repr. AST 54 Greene old man
The Thing in the Jungle! repr. TTAY 16 ? Cliff Morgan
Inside the Mummy Case repr. MYT 51 Orlando evil magician's mummy
Journey into Mystery, v. 2, no. 17
#17, June 1975
Too Human! repr. JIM 21 Andru The Shapes
The Crackpot repr. TOS 31 Heck Elias Poole
The Terrible Touch! repr. MT 159 Shores King Midas
The Secret of Steven Durham repr. WOF 15 Schaffenberger Carl Durham
Journey into Mystery, v. 2, no. 18
#18, August 1975
The Monster in the Iron Mask! repr. TOS 31 Kirby Monster in the Iron Mask
Forever is a Long Long Time! repr. JIM 74 Heck Luther Kane
The Thing from the Hidden Swamp! repr. TTA 30 Kirby Thing from the Hidden Swamp
Journey into Mystery, v. 2, no. 19
19, October 1975
They Vanished Forever! repr. ST 98 Ayers The Flying Dutchman's Crew
Dead Planet repr. TTA 27 Ditko ?
When the Mummy Walks repr. TTA 31 Kirby Mummy