The Monsters Reprinted in Fear/Adventure into Fear

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Story Title Reprinted from Pencil 
Monster, Villain, or Main Character
#1, November 1970 Fear 1
I Found Monstrom! The Dweller in the Black Swamp! repr. TTA 11 Kirby Monstrom
I Am the Man Who Will... Destroy Your World! repr. ST 71 Heck Emperor Mool
I-Am-the-Genie repr. TTA 8 Kirby Genie
I Was Face-to-Face with the Forbidden Robot! repr. TTA 11 Heck Forbidden Robot
What Was the Strange Power of Simon Drudd!! repr. TTA 10 Kirby Simon Drudd
Something Lurks Inside repr. TTA 10 Ditko Spider-Things
Only I Know When the World Will End!!! repr. TTA 10 Heck Kartu
I Fought the Man Who Couldn't Be Killed! repr. ST 71 Brodsky? robot policeman
Mummex --- King of the Mummies! repr. TTA 8 Heck Mummex
#2, January 1971 Fear 2
What Was "X", the Thing That Lived! repr. TTA 20 Kirby X
Orrgo... the Unconquerable! repr. ST 90 Kirby Orrgo
One-Way Journey! repr. TTA 20 Ditko Adam Gree
I Dared Enter the Forbidden World! repr. TTA 15 Heck Antogg of Mars
The Inhuman! repr. ST 90 Heck X-35
I Learned the Dread Secret of the Blip! repr. TTA 15 Kirby Blip
I Defied the Curse of Tut-Ah-Anka! repr. TTA 15 Reinman crook
#3, March 1971 Fear 3
Zzutak, the Thing That Shouldn't Exist! repr. ST 88 Kirby Zzutak
I Must Find Korumbu! repr. JIM 64 Ditko Korumbu; Hugo Bogg
The Man Who Hated Monstro! repr. JIM 92 Reinman Monstro the ape
The Gentle Old Man! repr. JIM 94 Ditko Gregory "Greedy" Grundy
Journey into Nowhere! repr. ST 69 Sinnott The Primitives
A Monster Waits Outside!! repr. TTA 12 Ditko Deep Space Hallucination
Save Me! Save Me! repr. TTA 12 Reinman Albert Poole
The Lifeless Man! repr. ST 88 Ditko wooden soldier
I Dared to Battle Rorgg, King of the Spider Men! repr. JIM 64 Kirby Rorgg
#4, July 1971 Fear 4
Lo-Karr, Bringer of Doom! repr. JIM 75 Kirby Lo-Karr
Mister Gregory and the Ghost! repr. JIM 75 Kirby Haunted House
I Spent a Night in the Haunted Lighthouse! repr. JIM 56 Sinnott The Ghosts of the Flying Dutchman
My Nightmare Has No End! repr. TTA 12 Heck Stranger from Zendu
The Boy Who Vanished! repr. JIM 71 Reinman Billy Carter
He Walked Through Walls! repr. TTA 26 Kirby Silas Birch; Devilish Stranger
I Turned into a... Martian! repr. JIM 60 Ditko Martian
I Created Krang! The Most Fantastic Monster the World Has Ever Known! repr. TTA 14 Kirby Krang
#5, November 1971 Fear 5
I Am the... Gorilla-Man! repr. TTA 28 Kirby Gorilla-Man
One Look Means Doom! repr. JIM 73 Ditko Medusa
Rocket Ship X-200 repr. ST 69 Heck Charlie Brewster
What Lurks on Channel X? repr. JIM 73 Kirby The Plutonians
Menace from Mars! repr. JIM 73 Heck The Martians
The Return of the Gorilla-Man repr. TTA 30 Kirby Gorilla-Man
#6, February 1972 Fear 6
The Midnight Monster! repr. JIM 79 Kirby Midnight Monster
There is a Brain behind the Fangs! repr. JIM 62 Heck The Evil Cats
I Took a Journey into Fear! repr. JIM 63 Ditko Otto Bruger
Wings of the Butterfly! repr. JIM 79 Sinnott The Butterflies of Kralton
The Last Laugh! repr. TTA 29 Ditko Harry Harper
The Black Ray repr. JIM 66 Reinman Hiram Drudd
The Voice of Fate! repr. TTA 33 Heck The Fates
#7, May 1972 Fear 7
I Dream of Doom! repr. ST 96 Kirby Dream-Creature
The Curse of M'Gumbu! repr. JIM 61 Reinman M'Gumbu the witch doctor
The Thing behind the Wall repr. JIM 66 Ditko Morak
The Martian Who Stole My Body! repr. JIM 57 Kirby Zetora the Martian
#8 Fear 8
It Crawls by Night! repr. TOS 26 Kirby Plant
Never Trust a Martian! repr. TOS 26 Heck Martian
I Can't Escape From the Creeping Things! repr. JIM 62 Ditko Tree; Silas Bleede
The Face repr. TOS 26 Ditko ?
#9, August 1972 Fear 9
I Entered the Dimension of Doom! repr. TOS 23 Kirby Hypno-Creature; The Two-Dimensional People
The Greatest Magician of All new Everett Marko
Dead Man's Escape! repr. AIT 11 Maneely Tony Paris
#10, October 1972 Adventures into Fear 10
Man-Thing! new Morrow Man-Thing
The Spell of the Sea Witch!! ? Katz The Crew of the Sea Witch
There is Something Strange about Mister Jones! repr. TOS 17 Heck Davy Jones
#11, December 1972 Adventures into Fear 11
Night of the Nether-Spawn! new Buckler Man-Thing
The Spider Waits repr. MT 105 Kida black widow woman
#12, February 1973 Adventures into Fear 12
No Choice of Colors! new Starlin Man-Thing
The Face of Horror repr. MENC 8 Heath ?
#13, April 1973 Adventures into Fear 13
Where Worlds Collide! new Mayerik Man-Thing; Thog the Nether-Spawn
Mister Black repr. ST 93 Heck Mister Black
#14, June 1973 Adventures into Fear 14
The Demon Plague! new Mayerik Man-Thing; Mongu; Dakimh the Enchanter
Listen, You Fool! repr. MYT 14 Reinman Albert Rudley
#20, February 1974 Adventures into Fear 20
Morbius the Living Vampire new Gulacy Morbius; Reverend Daemond
Midnight in the Wax Museum! repr. AST 61 Doxsee ?
#21, April 1974 Adventures into Fear 21
Project: Second Genesis! new Kane Morbius; The Caretakers; Tara
Sorry, Mr. Hopkins! repr. MYST 8 Everett Timothy Hopkins; old gypsy
#22, June 1974 Adventures into Fear 22
This Vampire Must Die! new Buckler Morbius; Balkatar; The Cat People
Willie Brown is Out to Get Me! repr. JIM 8 Luster ?
#23, August 1974 Adventures into Fear 23
Alone Against Arcturus! new Russell Morbius; Lord I; The Arcturans
The Last Stop repr. WOF 10 Colan ?
#24, October 1974 Adventures into Fear 24
Return to Terror! new ? Morbius; Blade
The Two-Faced Man repr. WOS 1 Maneely ?
#25, December 1974 Adventures into Fear 25
And What of a Vampire's Blood? new Robbins Morbius; Reverend Daemond; The Caretakers
The Faceless Ones repr. AIT 29 Giunta? The Faceless Ones
#26, February 1975 Adventures into Fear 26
A Stillborn Genesis! new Robbins Morbius; Reverend Daemond; The Caretakers; Tara
A World Gone Mad repr. AIM 3 Mooney ?