The Monsters of Fantasy Masterpieces

Fantasy Masterpieces was the first Marvel title devoted exclusively to reprints.  Prior to it, Marvel reprints had appeared only in annuals of some of its other titles, such as Strange Tales.  Reprints of Simon/Kirby Captain America stories from the 1940s started in #3, when the book doubled in page count and the price was increased from 12 cents to 25 cents (meaning readers got the same amount of fantasy reprints plus the Cap reprints).  In issue 11, the reprints were limited to 1940s super-heroes.  As of issue 12, the title was changed to Marvel Super-Heroes and an original lead story was added.  As of issue 21, the book switched to reprints of Avengers, X-Men, Daredevil, and Iron Man stories, with occasional fantasy reprints added to fill out the page count.  I'm only covering the monster/fantasy reprints here.

This book has a warm place in my heart, because it was my introduction to the fantasy stories that preceded the super-heroes, and because its second issue featured the one I believe to be the greatest of all Marvel Monsters, Fin Fang Foom (who was my first Marvel Monster MicroHero).

Issue Number Cover Thumbnail, linked to larger image where available
Story Title Reprinted from Pencil 
Monster, Villain, or Main Character
#1 Fantasy Masterpieces 1
Beware!! The Ghosts Surround Me!! repr. ST 76 Heck dimensional aliens
I Found the Things from Nowhere repr. JIM 60 Kirby The Things from Nowhere
I Became a Human Robot! repr. TOS 5 Sinnott Gammus, the Human Robot
I Saw the Other World! repr. TTA 7 Ayers dimensional camera
Those Who Change repr. AAF 10 Ditko time-meddling scientists
#2 Fantasy Masterpieces 2
Fin Fang Foom! repr. ST 89 Kirby Fin Fang Foom
Those Who Lurk Below! repr. TOS 12 Ditko The Earth Dwellers
Orogo!! The Nightmare from Outer Space!! repr. JIM 57 Heck Orogo
#3 Fantasy Masterpieces 3
I Am the Prisoner of the Voodoo King! repr. JIM 82 Colan Voodoo King
Beware the Uboongi! repr. ST 100 Heck The Uboongi
Beware of ... Bruttu repr. TOS 22 Kirby Bruttu
I Saw the End of the World! repr. ST 73 Ditko Prof. Egan
#4 Fantasy Masterpieces 4
The Thing Called... It! repr. ST 82 Kirby It
They Vanished Forever! repr. ST 98 Ayers Flying Dutchman's Crew
I Am the Beast Man! (was "My Nightmare Has No End!") reti. TTA 12 Heck Stranger from Zendu
#5 Fantasy Masterpieces 5
Mister Gregory and the Ghost! repr. JIM 75 Kirby haunted house
The Things from Dimension X! repr. ST 80 Heck The Electrans
It Fell from the Flying Saucer! repr. TTA 31 Kirby pencil from the flying saucer
#6 Fantasy Masterpieces 6
I Found the Lair of... the Lizard Men repr. JIM 64 Heck The Lizard Men
I Was Trapped in the Chamber of Fear! repr. TOS 33 Kirby Hiram Cragmoor
Germ Warfare repr. ST 90 Reinman Molitis germ
#7 Fantasy Masterpieces 7
Monsters on Mercury! repr. JIM 78 Ditko The Mercurians
Punishment! repr. ST 88 Heck Kantu
Titan, the Amphibian from Atlantis! repr. TOS 28 Kirby Titan
#8 Fantasy Masterpieces 8
Call Her... Medusa! repr. JIM 96 Leiber The Gorgons
The Man in the Beehive! repr. TOS 32 Kirby Lucius Farnsworth
I Saw Droom, the Living Lizard! repr. TTA 9 Heck Droom
#9 Fantasy Masterpieces 9
Monsteroso! repr. TTA 18 Ditko Monsteroso (II)
We Search the Stars! repr. ST 110 Leiber "Caveman" aliens
I Don't Believe in Ghosts! repr. JIM 77 Kirby Mr. Jordan
#10 Fantasy Masterpieces 10
There Were Five Frightened Men...!! repr. TTA 54 Leiber painting
Beware! He Isn't Human! repr. JIM 77 Kirby Eric Krugg; robot
Mister Morgan's Monster repr. ST 99 Kirby Mister Morgan's Monster
#24 Marvel Super-Heroes 24
I Was a Decoy for Pildorr, the Plunderer from Outer Space! repr. ST 94 Kirby Pildorr
#29 Marvel Super-Heroes 29
The Watchers! repr. AA 5 Heck The Watchers
Beware!! Of the Little Toy Men!! repr. JIM 58 Ditko The Toy Men
#30 Marvel Super-Heroes 30
The Silent Giant repr. ST 108 Leiber redwoods
The Iron Warrior repr. ST 108 Ditko The Black Knight
#31 Marvel Super-Heroes 31
Robot on the Rampage! repr. TTA 18 Ditko rampaging robot