Coming Attractions

These are the monsters I'll do some day, maybe soon, maybe not.
Tales to Astonish 24
The Abominable Snowman ("I Found the Abominable Snowman!")
Journey into Mystery 51
The Alien Creature ("Alien on Earth") *
Strange Tales 77
Amos, the man-dog ("I Am the Beast-Man!")
Journey into Mystery 80
The Ancestors' Gods ("Propaganda")
Tales to Astonish 15
Antogg, Martian Ivory Harvester ("I Dared to Enter the Forbidden World")
Tales to Astonish 23
The Asteroid ("The Voice from Nowhere!")
Tales to Astonish 27
The Black Magician ("Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...")
Tales of Suspense 28
The Black Planet Alien ("The Secret of the Black Planet")
Journey into Mystery 79
The Butterflies of Kralton ("Wings of the Butterfly!")
Tales of Suspense 14
The Cancrius III aliens ("I Created the Colossus!")
Strange Tales 100
Carlos Zarago ("The Imitation Man")
Strange Tales 97
"The Cosmic Elders" ("When a Planet Dies!")
Amazing Adventures 3
Cro ("We Were Trapped in the Twilight World!")
Journey into Mystery 80
Darius Zamora ("Won't You Step into My Parlor...???")
Amazing Adult Fantasy 9
Death ("The Man Who Captured Death!")
Tales to Astonish 12
The Deep Space Hallucination ("A Monster Waits Outside")
Strange Tales 97
The Dimension X artists ("Behind the Dreadful Door!")

dimensional aliens ("Beware!! The Ghosts Surround Me!!")
Tales to Astonish 11
Drothor ("I Wore... the Mask of Drothor!")
Strange Tales 69
The Dwellers in the Fifth Dimension ("Threat from the 5th Dimension!")
Strange Tales 80
The Electrans ("The Things from Dimension X")
Tales of Suspense 34
Elias Dane ("The Girl in the Blue Glass Bottle!")
Journey into Mystery 52
The Emperor of Mars ("Menace from Mars")
Journey into Mystery 77
Eric Krugg's Robot ("Beware! He Isn't Human!")
Strange Tales 100
Fate ("The Man in the Crazy Maze")
Tales to Astonish 33
The Fates ("The Voice of Fate!")
Tales of Suspense 51
The Fernusian ("The Green Thing!")
Tales of Suspense 29
The Fire-Breathing Monster ("Nothing Can Save Us!")
Tales to Astonish 8
The Floating Head ("I Dared Defy the Floating Head")
Strange Tales 98
The Flying Dutchman's Crew ("They Vanished Forever!")
Tales to Astonish 11
The Forbidden Robot ("I Was Face-to-Face with the Forbidden Robot")
Tales of Suspense 5
Gammus, the Human Robot ("I Became a Human Robot!")
World of Fantasy 19
The Gargoyle from the Fifth Galaxy ("The Gargoyle from the Fifth Galaxy") *
Tales of Suspense 46
The Gargoyles ("The Gargoyles")
World of Fantasy 16
The Geni ("Arise, Oh Geni...")
Tales of Suspense 7
The Genie [II] ("I Know the Power of the Genie")
Tales of Suspense 15
The "Ghosts" of Blackhorn Castle ("I Am the Living Ghost!")
Tales of Suspense 34
The Giant Aliens ("The Coming of the Giants")
Tales of Suspense 32
The "Giant" Bees ("The Man in the Beehive")
Journey into Mystery 57
The Giant Roots ("The Earth-Crawlers!")
Tales of Suspense 13
The Goloks ("When the Earth Vanished!")
Tales of Suspense 14
Gorak ("I Am... Gorak!")
Journey into Mystery 75
The Haunted House of Mister Gregory ("Mister Gregory and the Ghost!")
Amazing Adult Fantasy 14
Herr Wagner ("What Happened in the Wax Museum?")
Tales of Suspense 33
Hiram Cragmoor ("I Was Trapped in the Chamber of Fear!")
Tales of Suspense 25
The Hostile Aliens ("The Death of Monstrollo")
Amazing Adult Fantasy 11
The Ice-Monster ("The Ice-Monster Cometh!")
Journey into Mystery 51
The Igneous Rex Aliens ("The Creatures in the Volcano")
Weird Wonder Tales 1
The Immense Thing ("The Thing That Devoured a Planet")
Weird Wonder Tales 1
Ingoor ("It Came from beneath the Earth!")
Tales of Suspense 27
Inspector Koraz ("On the Trail of the Witch!")
Journey into Mystery 72
The Intelligent Ape ("The Patient in Room 3D")
Tales to Astonish 33
The Invaders ("The Invaders")
Strange Tales 67
The Invisible Man ("I Was the Invisible Man!")

The Iron Warrior (Strange Tales 108)
Tales of Suspense 24
Klugari ("Beware... the Ticking Clocks!")
Journey into Mystery 664
Korumbu ("I Must Find Korumbu!")
Journey into Mystery 65
The Kragoo ("Kragoo!")
Strange Tales 81
The Leader ("The Thing in the Cell!")
Journey into Mystery 76
The Leader II ("Follow the Leader")
Tales to Astonish 32
The Leprechauns ("Quicksand!")
Strange Tales 69
Linus Vermeer ("The World That Was Lost!")
Amazing Adult Fantasy 10
The Living Asteroids ("No Sign of Life")
Tales to Astonish 1
Living Oil ("I Was the First Man to Set Foot on... the Mystery Planet!")
Journey into Mystery 64
The Lizard-Men ("I Found the Lair of... the Lizard Men")
Tales to Astonish 24
The Lizard-Men ("I Found the Abominable Snowman")
Tales of Suspense 6
The Luna Lizards ("The Luna Lizards Had Me Trapped") *
Tales to Astonish 33
Luther Benedict ("The Strange Fate of the Statue Maker!")
World of Fantasy 18
Luther Worthington ("To Build a Robot")
Tales to Astonish 22
Madame Grimm ("For Whom the Drum Beats!")
Tales to Astonish 29
("The Man Who Blew Up the Earth")
Strange Tales 92
("The Man Who Shrank the World!")
Journey into Mystery 54
Mark VIII and Gxenu ("I Am the Menace from the Purple Planet")
Tales to Astonish 4
The Martians II ("I Was a Prisoner of the Martians!")
Amazing Adventures 4
The Martians [IV] ("I Am Robot X")
Strange Tales 86
The Meeks ("Beware of Meeks Bringing Gifts!")
Journey into Mystery 78
The Mercurians ("Monsters on Mercury")
Tales to Astonish 24
The Mercurians ("Something Missing!!")
Tales of Suspense 18
The Mine Robot ("Enter... the Robot!")
Strange Tales 93
Mister Black ("Mister Black")
Amazing Adult Fantasy 11
Mr. Zero ("Where Walks the Ghost")
Journey into Mystery 63
The Mole Men I ("I Was Trapped by the Mole Men!")
Strange Tales 73
The Mole Men II ("I Was Trapped by the Mole Men!")
Tales to Astonish 16
The Mole Men III ("Save Me from the Mole Men!")
Tales to Astonish 28
The Mongoors ("The Frightening Fog")
Strange Tales 91
Morgumm ("The Mask of Morgumm!")
Strange Tales 83
The Mysterious Guest ("Masquerade Party")
Monsters on the Prowl 9
Neron-Alak ("Desert Scream!!")
Journey into Mystery 55
Noah ("My Neighbor's Secret")

Ogor the Martian ("The Beast That Walks Like a Man")
Tales of Suspense 33
Orgg, Tax Collector from Space ("The Mystery of the Tax Collector from Space")
Tales of Suspense 31
The People of Shangri-La ("The Man Who Found Shangri-La")
Tales to Astonish 1
The Poltergeist ("I Know the Secret of the Poltergeist!")
Tales of Suspense 25
Prof. Jason Wilkes ("The Unseen!")
Tales to Astonish 18
Robot on the Rampage ("Robot on the Rampage!")
Tales to Astonish 32
The Robot Teacher ("The Bully Boy!")
Tales of Suspense 32
Sazzik the Sorcerer ("Sazzik the Sorcerer!")
Strange Tales 82
The Sea Monster ("Fangs of the Monster")
Tales of Suspense 7
The Shadow Man ("I Come from the Shadow World!")
Tales to Astonish 10
Simon Drudd ("What Was the Strange Power of Simon Drudd!!")
Tales to Astonish 15
Sorcerer ("I Am the Victim of the Sorcerer!")
Tales to Astonish 10
The Spider-Things ("Something Lurks Inside")
Tales of Suspense 6
The "Swamp Howler" ("I Hear It Howl in the Swamp!")
Amazing Adult Fantasy 10
"Those Who Change" scientist
Tales of Suspense 12
"Those Who Lurk Below!"
Journey into Mystery 58
The Toy Men ("Beware!!! Of the Little Toy Men!!")
Tales to Astonish 28
The Tree Creature ("Midnight on Haunted Hill")
Journey into Mystery 62
The Tree on Silas Bleede's estate ("I Can't Escape from the Creeping Things!")
Strange Tales 96
The Underground Octopus ("The Impossible Tunnel")
Journey into Mystery 82
The Voodoo King ("I Am the Prisoner of the Voodoo King!")
Tales of Suspense 30
Walter Burke's ghost ("The Ghost Rode a Roller Coaster!")
Strange Tales 87
The War Armada ("The Lighthouse from Nowhere!")
Strange Tales 72
The Warriors of Dimension "Z" ("I Entered the... Doorway to Doom!")
Amazing Adventures 5
The Watchers ("The Watchers")
Journey into Mystery 74
The Wax Museum Creatures ("Midnight at the Wax Museum!")
Amazing Adventures 1
The Wax Museum figures ("Midnight in the Wax Museum")
Strange Tales 70
Wilbur Fiske ("A Giant Walks the Earth!") *
Tales of Suspense 22
The Wozuans ("The Anatomy of a Nightmare!")
Strange Tales 90
X-35 ("The Inhuman!")
Amazing Adult Fantasy 9
The Xenian visitor ("I Come from the Black Void")
  Amazing Adult Fantasy 11
Zogg the shape-shifter ("In Human Form")
Tales to Astonish 39
Zogg of the Sixth Dimension ("The Toy Soldiers")
Tales to Astonish 15
Zuka the witch ("I Am the Invisible!")