The Monsters Reprinted in Tower of Shadows / Creatures on the Loose

The Creatures on the Loose reprint book began life as the original fantasy anthology Tower of Shadows.  Reprints began in Tower early on, and the book changed titles as of #9 to reflect its new focus on the monster reprints from the 1950s and '60s.  This page covers both titles.  A try-out for a King Kull series, to accompany Marvel's surprise hit Conan, appeared in the book, but reprints dominated it.  Two new original series, Gullivar of Mars and Thongor of Lemuria, took the cover slots in issues #16 and #22, respectively, and, eventually, reprints were dropped during the Man-Wolf series that followed.
Tower of Shadows 1
1, September 1969
At the Stroke of Midnight!  new Steranko Lou & Marie Fowler
From beyond the Brink! new Craig Arthur Watson
A Time to Die! new J. Buscema Sebastian Scrogg
Tower of Shadows 2
2, November 1969
Witch Hunt! new Heck ?
One Hungers new Adams Hungry One
Look Out, Wyatt… Automation's Gonna Get Your Job! new J. Buscema ?
Tower of Shadows 3
#3, January 1970
The Moving Finger Writhes...! new Colan The Life and Times of...
Midnight in the Wax Museum! new Tuska aliens
The Terrible Old Man! adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft story Palmer Terrible Old Man
Tower of Shadows 4
4, March 1970
Evil Is a Baaaad Scene new ? ?
One Little Indian! new Colan ?
To Sneak, Perchance To Scream! new ? ?
Tower of Shadows 5
#5, May 1970
The Demon That Devoured Hollywood! new Smith Demon
Flight into Fear! new Wood Xzar
Time Out! new Shores enchanted house
Tower of Shadows 6
#6, July 1970
The Man in the Rat-Hole! (was "Worm Man") reti. ST 78  Ditko Worm Man
The Ghost-Beast! new Wood Beowulf; Beast-God
Contact! new Sutton Fal Ton
The Scream from Beyond! new Colan Matthew Millaneous
Tower of Shadows 7
#7, September 1970
I Was Trapped by Titano, the Monster That Time Forgot! repr. TTA 10 Kirby Titano
The Scream of Things new Smith Ginny Sutton
Of Swords and Sorcery! new Wood Arak
Tower of Shadows 8
#8, November 1970
Sanctuary! new Wood Druid King of Dragonhenge
Behold! I Am the Master of Time! repr. TTA 14 Ditko Father Time
I Found the Hidden World! repr. TTA 13 Heck Creature from the Hidden World
My Touch Means... Doom! repr. TTA 16 Heck Bill Howard
Tower of Shadows 9
#9, January 1971
Pickman's Model adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft story Palmer ghoul
I Dared to Enter the Haunted Room! repr. TTA 17 Heck ghost scientist
The World That Was Lost! repr. ST 69 Kirby Linus Vermeer
The Threat from the 5th Dimension! repr. ST 69 Ditko The Dwellers in the Fifth Dimension
Creatures on the Loose 10
#10, March 1971
The Skull of Silence new Wrightson King Kull; Silence
Trull! The Unhuman! repr. TTA 21 Kirby Trull
Creatures on the Loose 11
#11, May 1971
The Unbelievable Menace of Moomba repr. TTA 23 Kirby Moomba
The Underground Gambit! new Trimpe Herbert T. Brimstone
Creatures on the Loose 12
#12, July 1971
I Was Captured by... Korilla! repr. JIM 69 Kirby Korilla
Master and Slave!! new Shores Frankenstein's monster
Creatures on the Loose 13
#13, September 1971
I Was Captured by the Creature from Krogarr! repr. TTA 25 Kirby Creature from Krogarr
Midnight on Haunted Hill repr. TTA 28 Kirby Tree Creature
Where Walks the Werewolf! new Crandall Werewolf
Creatures on the Loose 14
#14, November 1971
What Happened in... Dead Storage repr. TTA 33 Kirby Koru
What Was the Staggering Secret of the 13th Floor repr. TTA 30 Heck Willy Sloane
Forewarned is Four-Armed! repr. COD 2 M. Severin Four-Armed Aliens
Creatures on the Loose 15
#15, January 1972
Spragg, Conqueror of the Human Race! repr. JIM 68 Kirby Spragg
Where Lurks the Ghost! repr. TTA 25 Ditko Brent caretaker
Help! repr. TTA 22 Heck typewriter
Creatures on the Loose 16
#16, March 1972
Warrior of Mars adaptation of Edwin Arnold story Kane Lt. Gullivar Jones
The Impossible Tunnel! repr. ST 96 Kirby Underground Octopus
The Frightened Man! repr. TTA 33 Kirby John Bentley
Creatures on the Loose 17
#17, May 1972
River of Death adaptation of Edwin Arnold story Kane Lt. Gullivar Jones
What? What? What Was Gargantus? repr. ST 80 Kirby Gargantus
The Things from Dimension X! repr. ST 80 Heck The Electrans
Creatures on the Loose 18
#18, July 1972
Wasteland on a Weirdling World! adaptation of Edwin Arnold story Andru Lt. Gullivar Jones
Under the Knife! repr. AIT 11 DiPreta Zoe
What Lurks in the Mountain? repr. TOS 17 Ditko The Strangers from the Stars
Creatures on the Loose 19
#19, September 1972
The Long Road to Nowhere! adaptation of Edwin Arnold story Boring Lt. Gullivar Jones;
The Creature from Krangro repr. TOS 30 Kirby Creature from Krangro
Going Down! repr. TOS 23 Reinman Simon Queel
Creatures on the Loose 20
#20, November 1972
What Price Victory? adaptation of Edwin Arnold story Morrow Lt. Gullivar Jones
Only One is Human! repr. TOS 22 Heck Martian Double
For Whom the Drum Beats! repr. TTA 22 Ditko Madame Grimm
Creatures on the Loose 21
#21, January 1973
Two Worlds to Win! adaptation of Edwin Arnold story Morrow Lt. Gullivar Jones
I Was a Prisoner of the Martians! repr. TTA 4 Sinnott The Martians; Darius Wolfe
The Green Thing! repr. TOS 51 Leiber Fernusian
Creatures on the Loose 22
#22, March 1973
Thongor! Warrior of Lost Lemuria! adaptation of Lin Carter story Mayerik Thongor
Gundar! repr. TOS 39 Ditko The Viking Ghosts
Creatures on the Loose 23
#23, May 1973
Where Broods the Demon! adaptation of Lin Carter story Mayerik Thongor
The Coming of the Giants! repr. TOS 34 Heck The Giant Aliens
Creatures on the Loose 24
#24, July 1973
Red Swords, Black Wings! adaptation of Lin Carter story Mayerik Thongor
The Lighthouse from Nowhere! repr. ST 87 Ditko The War Armada
Creatures on the Loose 25
#25, September 1973
The Wizard of Lemuria! adaptation of Lin Carter story Mayerik Thongor
When the Eggs Hatch! repr. JUW 53 DiPreta egg-laying alien
Creatures on the Loose 26
#26, November 1973
Tower of the Serpent Women! adaptation of Lin Carter story Mayerik Thongor
The Eyes of Mala-Tor repr. AST 59 ? Mala-Tor
Creatures on the Loose 27
#27, January 1974
In the Crypts of Yamath! adaptation of Lin Carter story Mayerik Thongor
I Come from the Black Void repr. AAF 9 Ditko Xenian visitor
Creatures on the Loose 28
#28, March 1974
Mountain of Thunder! adaptation of Lin Carter story Alcazar Thongor
No Sign of Life repr. AAF 10 Ditko living asteroids
Creatures on the Loose 29
#29, May 1974
Lord of Chaos! adaptation of Lin Carter story Alcazar Thongor
Creatures on the Loose 30
#30, July 1974
Full Moon, Dark Fear! new Tuska Man-Wolf
Joe's Weak Spot repr. UT 11 Walton ?