The Silver Age Green Lantern

Issue Title and Synopsis Characters

Showcase #22, September-October 1959
"SOS Green Lantern"
Test pilot Hal Jordan is brought to a dying alien by a mysterious green light. The alien, Abin Sur, says Jordan has been selected by him to receive the Power Ring and Battery of the Green Lantern Corps, an interplanetary police force.
Hal Jordan
Abin Sur of Ungara
Green Lantern

"Secret of the Flaming Spear!"
Hal learns to use the green energy of the ring to rescue a fellow pilot, then learns his girlfriend, Carol Ferris, has been put in charge of the aircraft company he works for.
Frank Nichols

Carol Ferris
Frank Nichols

"Menace of the Runaway Missile!"
Green Lantern stops the sabotage of disgruntled scientist Dr. Parris and learns Carol is smitten with him.

Showcase #23, November-December 1959
"Summons from Space!"
Green Lantern's power battery directs him to Venus, where he saves humanoids from the predations of pteranodon-like creatures.
The Venusians

"The Invisible Destroyer!"
Green Lantern stops an evil mental construct from setting off an atomic bomb to absorb its radiation.

The Invisible Destroyer

Showcase #24, January-February 1960
"The Secret of the Black Museum!"
Green Lantern follows a pickpocket to the amusement pier hideout of a spy ring.


"The Creature That Couldn't Die!"
Green Lantern uses his ring to stop a rampaging microbe, mutated by cosmic rays.
Test Tube Creature

Green Lantern #1, July-August 1960
"The Planet of Doomed Men"
The Guardians of the Universe, the power behind the Green Lantern Corps, sends Green Lantern to the planet Calor, to stop a giant monster.
The Guardians of the Universe
The Calorians
The Dryg

"Menace of the Giant Puppet"
The Puppeteer uses a mind-control device to attack Green Lantern, first indirectly through a parade float giant, then directly.
The Puppeteer
Giant Puppet

Green Lantern #2, September-October 1960
"The Secret of the Golden Thunderbolts"
The Weaponers of  Qward, a planet in an anti-matter universe, send a Thunderbolt Destroyer to Earth, to kill Telle-Teg, a refugee from their rule.
Thunderbolt Destroyer
Qwardian Soldier

"Riddle of the Frozen Ghost Town"
Duke Danfield steals half of a map from Hal Jordan's mechanic, Tom Kalmaku, and when Green Lantern comes to help, Tom learns GL's identity and becomes his confidant.
Duke Danfield
Thomas "Pieface" Kalmaku

Green Lantern #3, November-December 1960
"The Amazing Theft of the Power Lamp"
The Weaponers of Qward send agents Drik and Chomin to steal Green Lantern's power battery.


"The Leap Year Menace!"
To avoid replying to Carol Ferris's leap year proposal of marriage to him, Green Lantern creates a "Chiller-Diller" of a monster as a distraction, then loses control of it.

Green Lantern #4, January-February 1961
"The Diabolical Missile from Qward!"
To save Tom Kalmaku from radiation from a missile sent by the Weaponers, Green Lantern agrees to fight the Weaponers' champion, the robot Gnaxos.
Chief Weaponer Kiman

"Secret of Green Lantern's Mask"
Criminal Woozy impersonates Green Lantern to rob Carol Ferris's party but is unmasked in the process.


Green Lantern #5, March-April 1961
"The Power Ring That Vanished"
Con man Hector Hammond kidnaps four scientists, exposes them to a meteorite that evolves living things into futuristic forms, then uses their discoveries to make himself rich and famous.
Hector Hammond
Evolved Dr. Evart

Green Lantern #6, May-June 1961
"The World of Living Phantoms!"
Fellow Green Lantern Tomar-Re is busy fighting space- monsters, so he summons Hal Jordan to his space sector to deal with a planet of thought- forms that desire independence from their sleeping creators.
Tomar-Re, Green Lantern of Xudar
Tomar-Re, Green Lantern of Xudar
Thought-Image "Ibr"
Sleeping Ibr of Axo

Green Lantern #7, July-August 1961
"The Day 100, 000 People Vanished!"
Former Green Lantern Sinestro of Korugar, exiled to Qward for his crimes, teams with the Weaponers to strike at GL.
Sinestro of Korugar

"Wings of Destiny!"
Hal Jordan's subconscious turns Tom Kalmaku into a bird, just as Tom is going to meet his fiancee, Terga.

Green Lantern #8, September-October 1961
"The Challenge from 5700 A.D.!"
The inhabitants of the Solar System of the 58th Century having no local Green Lantern in their own time, Solar Directorate Chairman Dasor brings Hal Jordan through time to aid in stopping the Zegors, mutated Gila monsters.  But Hal is fighting a menace in his own time when he is taken.  As part of the process, he is given a false identity and a local girlfriend, Dasor's secretary Iona Vane.
Chairman Dasor
Iona Vane
The Zegors
"Infra-Yellow" Creature
Chairman Dasor
Iona Vane
The Zegors
"Infra-Yellow" Creature

Green Lantern #9, November-December 1961
"The Battle of the Power Rings!"
Sinestro uses Weaponer science to develop a new power ring, one that uses yellow energy drawn from the Green Lanterns' power batteries. His plot interrupts a meeting of Green Lanterns from different worlds.
Xax, Green Lantern of Xaos
Chaselon, Green Lantern of Barrio III
Green Lantern of Rojira
Larvox, Green Lantern of T41A
Green Lantern of Aeros
Xax, Green Lantern of Xaos
Chaselon, Green Lantern of Barrio III
Green Lantern of Rojira
Larvox, Green Lantern of T41A
Green Lantern of Aeros

Green Lantern of Yquem

"Green Lantern's Brother Act"
Hal returns home to help his older brother, D.A. Jack Jordan, in an election campaign, only to have reporter  Sue Williams suspect his younger brother, Jim, of being Green Lantern.

District Attorney Jack Jordan Jim Jordan

Green Lantern #10, January 1962
"Prisoner of the Power Ring!"
Green Lantern discovers scientist Dr. Blanding, fearing nuclear war, has somehow taken refuge with his family in a sub-atomic world linked to his power ring, and the green energy is causing the Blandings' robots to run amok.
Dr. Jason Blanding Renegade Robot

"The Origin of Green Lantern's Oath"
Hal tells Tom of three incidents which led to the creation of three portions of his ring-recharging oath.

Green Lantern #11, March 1962
"The Strange Trial of Green Lantern!"
Hal Jordan is put on trial by fellow Green Lanterns for puzzling misbehavior.

Stel, Green Lantern of Grenda Medphyl, Green Lantern of J586  "bug-eyed" Green Lantern

"The Trail of the Missing Power Ring!"
Hal Jordan has lost his power ring, and young Billy Taylor has found it. Can Hal find Billy before some crooks do?

Green Lantern #12, April 1962
"Green Lantern's Statue Goes to War!"
The 58th Century needs Green Lantern again.  GL defeats an army of revolutionaries, secretly led by magician Ferenc Aldebaran, by animating a statue erected in his honor.

Ferenc Aldebaran

"Zero Hour in the Silent City!"
Green Lantern's ring runs out of power, just as he's facing a gang of criminals whose ultra-sonic drill has the side effect of cancelling out all sound.

Green Lantern #13, June 1962
"The Duel of the Super-Heroes!"
Agents of the extra-dimensional planet Spectar contrive to turn GL into a weapon against his fellow hero, the Flash.

Chi-Varn of  Spectar

Green Lantern #14, July 1962
"The Man Who Conquered Sound!"
Bito Wladon so loves his country, the tiny principality of Modora, that he'll even use his discoveries in nucleo-sonics to commit crimes as the fantastic Sonar, as long as Modora is mentioned.

"My Brother, Green Lantern!"
Hal's brother Jim accidentally obtains the power ring, and Sue Williams sees him use it. Powerless, GL must rescue Jim from criminal researcher Mr. Blackstreet and convince Sue of her error.

Green Lantern #15, September 1962
"Peril of the Yellow World!"
As part of a campaign to become Qward's ruler, Sinestro tricks GL into breaking through a dimensional barrier into a world where everything, even the air, is colored yellow, the one color the power ring cannot affect.

The Gryx

"Zero Hour in Rocket City!"
On an errand for Ferris to Cape Canaveral, Hal encounters the Rocket Robbers, who use rocket launches as cover for their thefts.  If only his ring hadn't just run out of power...

Green Lantern #16, October 1962
"The Secret Life of Star Sapphire!"
Carol Ferris is given an enchanted star sapphire by the alien Zamarons and offered the position of their queen, if she can first overcome her weakness when it comes to GL by defeating him in battle.

Star Sapphire

Star Sapphire

"Earth's First Green Lantern!"
GL taps the power ring's memories to learn of the threat that brought Abin Sur to Earth.
Balzona the Larifar

Green Lantern #17, December 1962
"The Spy-Eye That Doomed Green Lantern!"
Spies secretly monitoring Hal Jordan see evidence that proves he must be Green Lantern.

Green Lantern #18, January 1963
"World of Perilous Traps!"
Sinestro brings GL through to the prison world of Qward, where the entire planet is against him.

"Green Lantern vs. Power Ring!"
Hobo Bill Baggett has found the power ring, forcing GL to fight against his own weapon.
Bill Baggett
Bill Baggett

Green Lantern #19, March 1963
"The Defeat of Green Lantern!"
Sonar tries to take over Modora's neighbor, Granaco, just as a cosmic storm causes GL's ring to act erratically.

"Trail of the Horse-and-Buggy Bandits!"
Rather than attracting attention by a speedy escape, robbers hide in plain sight by using an old-fashioned vehicle as their "getaway car".

Green Lantern #20, April 1963
"Parasite Planet Peril!"
A fade-away "plague" is
actually a plot by the Mikrids, inhabitants of a microscopic world, to capture humans to use their mental powers.  The Flash must use GL's ring to rescue him after he fades away, too.

The Mikrids

Green Lantern #21, June 1963
"The Man Who Mastered Magnetism!"
Doctor Polaris extols the theory of health through magnetism.  But why does a costumed criminal rob after Polaris's appearances?
Dr. Polaris
Doctor Polaris

"Hal Jordan Betrays Green Lantern!"
In rescuing Carol's father from art forgers, Hal has inadvertantly given Carol a clue to his GL identity.

Green Lantern #22, July 1963
"Master of the Power Ring!"
Hector Hammond has used his evolution meteorite on himself, and now he possesses a mind with a will more powerful than Green Lantern's.
Hector Hammond
Hector Hammond

"Dual Masquerade of the Jordan Brothers!"
At a family costume party, Jim Jordan, dressed as GL, must save his uncle from a revenge-seeker.

Red Peters

Red Peters

Green Lantern #23, September 1963
"Threat of the Tattooed Man!"
Abel Tarrant has discovered a fantastic "ink" that enables him to visualize the images on his tattooes into solid existence.
Tattooed Man
The Tattooed Man

"The Green Lantern Disasters!"
Hal comes to the aid of fellow GL Xax, who is fighting a criminal who has planted bombs which go off whenever a power ring is used.
Zorx of Xaos

Green Lantern #24, October 1963
"The Shark That Hunted Human Prey!"
A nuclear accident evolves a tiger shark into an advanced humanoid that thrills to hunt humans.
The Shark

The Shark

  "The Strange World Named Green Lantern!"
GL helps a living planet rid itself of a mysterious "protonic force".

Protonic Force
The Green Lantern World
The Protonic Force

Green Lantern #25, December 1963
"War of the Weapons Wizards!"
Hector Hammond  "test-drives" his plan to use Sonar to steal GL's power ring by running the scenario through GL's mind first, learning how GL would beat Sonar even when he's been forced to swap weapons with his foe.

Hector Hammond

Green Lantern #26, January 1964
"Star Sapphire Unmasks Green Lantern!"
Carol Ferris finds the Zamarons' star sapphire again and resumes her attempt to become their queen by challenging GL to stop some intangible alien invaders.

"World Within the Power Ring!"
GL learns too late that Abin Sur had kept a dangerous wizard imprisoned within the power ring. 

Green Lantern #27, March 1964
"Mystery of the Deserted City!"
The dimensional device stolen by "Chum" Ames allows him to shift an entire city's population into another plane of existence.
"Chum" Ames
"Chum" Ames

"The Amazing Transformation of Horace Tolliver!"
GL tells Tom Kalmaku of an early adventure where his ring acted automatically on his subconscious wish to see a meek man stand up to his tormentors.

Green Lantern #28, April 1964
"The Shark Goes on the Prowl Again!"
The Shark returns and puts GL's friends in peril, in order to make GL fear him..
The Shark

"The House That Fought Green Lantern!"
Trailing a thief to an old house, GL finds that not only has his ring mysteriously stoped working, but the house itself seems eager to fight him.

Green Lantern #29, June 1964
"Half a Green Lantern is Better Than None!"
Black Hand, who believes in the wisdom of clichés, has found a way to turn GL's ring power against him.
Black Hand
Black Hand

"This World Is Mine!"
Having been ejected from the "Green Lantern World", the protonic force comes to Earth instead.
Protonic Force
The Protonic Force

Green Lantern #30, July 1964
"The Tunnel Through Time"
Evolved pterodactyls of another world seek to give their Earthly brethren another chance to rule.

Superior One of the High Council

"Once a Green Lantern -- Always a Green Lantern"
A new Green Lantern had replaced Sinestro on Korugar, but now she wants to quit to be with her lover.
Katma Tui
Katma Tui, Green Lantern of Korugar

Green Lantern #31, September 1964
"Power Rings For Sale"
Aliens find Earth's Green Lantern has seemingly gone mad, selling working duplicates of his power ring for $1 each.
The Grolls

"Pay Up -- or Blow Up!"
On Jim Jordan's wedding day, an electronics genius threatens the city.
J. Charles Gantner
J. Charles Gantner

Green Lantern #32, October 1964
"Green Lantern's Wedding Day"
Green Lantern marries Carol Ferris, with Hal Jordan watching.

"Power Battery Peril"
Super-heroes of another world call on GL to help beat the villainous Vant Orl.
Vant Orl
Vant Orl Energiman Energiman - humanoid
Strong Girl

Strong Girl
Golden Blade

Green Lantern #33, December 1964
"Wizard of the Light-Wave Weapons"
Doctor Light continues his attempt to beat the Justice League members one by one, this time using GL's own green light against him.
Doctor Light

Doctor Light

"The Disarming of Green Lantern"

Green Lantern #34, January 1965
"Three-Way Attack Against Green Lantern"
Hector Hammond learns the Guardians of the Universe are GL's masters, so he creates a renegade Guardian as his proxy weapon against GL.

Hector Hammond's Projection
"Renegade Guardian"

Green Lantern #35, March 1965
"Prisoner of the Golden Mask"
A love-struck circus performer wants revenge for his paramour's death.

The Aerialist

"The Eagle Crusader of Earth"
Something has caused GL's mind to be exchanged for that of an eagle.

Green Lantern #36, April 1965
"Secret of the Power-Ringed Robot"
In order to stop some clever thieves, GL turns himself into a robot.

"Green Lantern's Explosive Week-End"
A week-end getaway turns frantic when the young woman Hal Jordan meets turns out to be a fugitive from the world of the Headmen.

The Headmen

Green Lantern #37, June 1965
"The Spies Who Owned Green Lantern"
The industrial spies don't yet know it, but the test pilot they've hypnotized, Hal Jordan, has something more valuable than the jet plans they're after.

"The Plot to Conquer the Universe"
GL needs to find a way to beat the alien Evil Star, whose Starling servants are invulnerable to any force GL can wield.

Evil Star
The Starlings

Green Lantern #38, July 1965
"Secret of the Atomic Changeling"
Tomar-Re has chased a shapeshifting meance to Earth. 

Atomic Changeling

"The Elixir of Invulnerability"
Keith Kenyon wants the sunken treasure Hal Jordan has found, to make himself invulnerable to harm.

Keith Kenyon

Green Lantern #39, September 1965
"Practice Makes the Perfect Crime"
Black Hand learns the perfect crime is one no one knows even happened.

Black Hand

"The Fight for the Championship of the Universe"
An alien warrior has come to Earth to build up his reputation by beating Green Lantern in a boxing match.

Brutus Force

Green Lantern #40, October 1965
"Secret Origin of the Guardians"
A strange packet of energy which has crossed between dimensional Earths is all that remains of the Oan Krona, the man who intoduced evil into the universe. It takes two Green Lanterns to stop him.


Green Lantern #41, December 1965

"The Double Life of Star Sapphire!"
Carol Ferris is forced to become Star Sapphire again to defend herself from attacks by a new candidate for the Zamoran queenship. But since all Star Sapphires necessarily look alike, who is the victor?

"Challenge of the Coin Creatures!"
Images on the coins Chuck Cullen has stolen come to life to aid him against Green Lantern.

Green Lantern #42, January 1966
"The Other Side of the World!"
A fantastic pirate criminal is only the first of an army of warriors awaiting GL and Zatanna in the dimensional world of Ys.

Patch-Eye Pete
The Warlock of Ys

Green Lantern #43, March 1966
"The Catastrophic Crimes of Major Disaster!"
The same fantastic force which is bringing sudden disaster to Coast City has also caused GL and the Flash to swap their powers.

Major Disaster

Green Lantern #44, April 1966
"Evil Star's Death-Duel Summons!"
Evil Star wants a rematch against Green Lantern, now that he has overcome the one weakness his power band had.

"Saga of the Millionaire Schemer!"
T. T. Jordan invented "The Bottler" for a publicity campaign. Then why is The Bottler stealing from Jordan?

The Bottler

Green Lantern #45, June 1966
"Prince Peril's Power Play!"
Fleeing from a forced marriage, an alien princess comes to Earth-Two, where Doiby Dickels acts as her protector.

Prince Peril

Green Lantern #46, July 1966
"The Jailing of Hal Jordan!"
Why has Hal Jordan been framed for a recent robbery? To eliminate him as a rival for Carol Ferris's affections.

"The End of a Gladiator!"
The members of the Green Lantern Corps gather to hear the power ring replay the events leading to Hal Jordan's death.

Doctor Polaris

Green Lantern #47, September 1966
"Green Lantern Lives Again!"
The resurrected Hal Jordan must deal not only with a viral menace in the future but also with the present-day danger of Dr. Polaris, the man who killed him.

The Viros
The Super-Viro
The Red Virus

Green Lantern #48, October 1966
"Goldface's Grudge Fight against Green Lantern!"
Keith Kenyon's researches into the power of gold have led him to become the armored Goldface.


Green Lantern #49, December 1966
"The Spectacular Robberies of TV's Master Villain!"
Playing a costumed villain on a TV show, an actor develops great mental powers and becomes a real menace.

The Dazzler

Green Lantern #50, January 1967
"The Quest for the Wicked Queen of Hearts"
Hal Jordan runs into two war criminals, tracing a famous painting smuggled into the US after the war.

"Thraxton the Powerful vs. Green Lantern the Powerless"
GL Davo Yull, of the plant Pharma, calls for the help of Green Lantern of Earth to defeat the alien Thraxton.

Green Lantern #51, July 1965
"Green Lantern's Evil Alter-Ego"
Whenever Green Lantern is brought to the 58th Century, he is given false memories of being explorer Pol Manning in his private life. But the fictional Manning has come to life independent of GL, and he's developed the brutish Neomen to help him become Solar Director.

Pol Manning
The Neomen

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