Some Foes of Doctor Strange

I have long been a fan of the Marvel Comics "Sorcerer Supreme" and naturally have sought out information on him from the World Wide Web. I discovered a very good site done by Erik Elzenaar, which I bookmarked for future use.

Some months later, I returned to the site and found it had been transformed into a gallery of pictures of Strange's friends and enemies -- but what pictures! They looked like "bobblehead" dolls, the heads being about twice the size of the proportions of the bodies. I learned that Erik had discovered MicroHeroes, and turned his site into a display of his "creations". I thought this was a cute idea. However, some major foes, like Tiboro, were missing, so I decided I'd try my hand at making them myself. Along with making missing characters, I've started making my own versions of existing characters.

Although the characters are listed here in the order in which they first appeared in Dr. Strange stories, in some cases they may have first appeared in other stories. In such cases, I'll mention their "First Doc Appearance", as well.

By the way, Erik's site is no longer active, but you can find cached copies of it at  Search for .

Brandon Forsythe
First Appeared: Strange Tales #110, "Dr. Strange, Master of Black Magic!"

Forsythe was Dr. Strange's first recorded opponent. He came to Strange out of desperation, because of a figure which haunted his dreams.  But when Strange learned the figure was a symbol of evil deeds Forsythe had committed, Forsythe tried to shoot Strange. The character was unnamed until decades later.

Baron Mordo (astral)
Baron Mordo Baron Mordo's Astral Form

First Appeared: Strange Tales #111, "Face-to-Face with the Magic of Baron Mordo!"

Baron Mordo was, like Strange, once a disciple of the Himalayan mystic called The Ancient One.  But where Strange used his knowledge for good, Mordo used it only for his own betterment.  Here, Mordo sends his astral body to control a servant and poison the Ancient One's food, until Strange arrives to save his old master.

Mordo was the primary antagonist for the first few Dr. Strange stories, except for one reappearance of Nightmare, and he remains Strange's arch-foe.
Baron Mordo (green)
Baron Mordo
Strange Tales #114, "The Return of the Omnipotent Baron Mordo!"

Mordo returned in the very next Dr. Strange story (which was three issues after the previous one), colored differently.  This was to be his look for his next few appearances.

The Possessors
First Appeared: Strange Tales #118, "The Possessed!"

Dr. Strange's orb locates an investation of evil in the Balkans.  Arriving in a village there, he finds some  of the inhabitants to be possessed -- not by spirits, but by alien invaders from another dimension.  He challenges their leader to combat and defeats him, then locks the aliens out of our dimension.

The Possessors were Strange's first new foe since the introduction of Baron Mordo. While the next few stories would provide more variety in opponents, no new character had any staying power until the introduction of Dormammu.

First Appeared: Strange Tales #119, "Beyond the Purple Veil!"

Two burglars raid Dr. Strange's home but are caught by a mystic jewel.  Doc follows them into the jewel and the world of the tyrant Aggamon, whom he must defeat before he can return to our world.

The House of Shadows
First Appeared: Strange Tales #120, "The House of Shadows!"

Dr. Strange joins the audience watching a televison reporter investigate a supposedly haunted house.  When the reporter announces strange phenomena, shortly before his broadcast is cut off, Doc decides to stand by no longer.  Entering the house, he discovers the house is not actually haunted -- instead, it is a living being from a shadowy dimension.  After forcing the house to free the trapped reporter, he banishes it from our world.

The Gulgol
First Appeared: Strange Tales #122, "The World Beyond"

Neglecting to utter a protective spell before falling into desperately needed sleep, Dr. Strange leaves himself open to an attack by Nightmare.  But Strange is not powerless, and he somehow summons the one being even Nightmare fears: the sleepless monster called the Gulgol. Only after being freed from Nightmare's power does Strange reveal the Gulgol was merely a hypnotic illusion.

First Appeared: Strange Tales #124, "The Lady from Nowhere!"

An entranced woman appears in Dr. Strange's study.  Investigation shows she has been sent into our time from the past. With the help of the Ancient One, Dr. Strange sends his astral spirit along the trail through time created by the woman's passing.  He finds she has been exiled by Zota, a rebellious wizard. Doc forces Zota to break the exile, then returns to his time, to send the woman, Cleopatra, back to her own time.

First Appeared: Strange Tales #128, "The Demon's Disciple!"

A desparate man calls on Dr. Strange for help in escaping his master, a sorcerer calling himself "The Demon".  When the man vanishes from within his very clothes, Doc animates the clothes to retrace the man's path from the Demon's sanctum, where they fight a magical duel.  (The sorcerer is later called "Demonicus", to distinguish him from actual demons Doc has faced.)

First Appeared: Strange Tales #129, "Beware... Tiboro! The Tyrant of the Sixth Dimension!"

Dr. Strange refuses to appear on a TV show about magic but is forced to rescue its hosts when an idol they present turns into a gateway to another world.  There, Tiboro, once ruler of a lost civilization on Earth, plans to return to Earth, but Doc manages to beat him in combat and free the hosts. 

First Appeared: Strange Tales #130, "The Defeat of Dr. Strange"

In the first episode of a long story, Dr. Strange is attacked by his arch-enemy, Baron Mordo, who, accompanied by disciples such as Kaecilius, forces him to hide the Ancient One and spend many months dodging Mordo's agents.

a Nether Wraith
First Appeared: Strange Tales #130, "The Defeat of Dr. Strange"

Mordo sends the Nether Wraiths to search for Dr. Strange, undetected by normal human eyes.

a Hong Kong sorcerer
First Appeared: Strange Tales #130, "The Defeat of Dr. Strange"

Travelling incognito, Dr. Strange visits many friends, looking for the source of Mordo's new power.  In Hong Kong, an unnamed minor sorcerer almost traps Doc, but he manages to beat the sorcerer and his men and escape.

First Appeared: Strange Tales #133, "A Nameless Land, A Timeless Time!"

Having discovered the dread Dormammu is the source of Mordo's new power, Dr. Strange turns a spell meant to destroy him into a means of travelling to an unknown dimension.  There, he meets a female, once the ruler until deposed by her sister, Shazana, and helps her regain her throne by finding and destroying the source of Shazana's power.  He then uses the destructive force to carry him back to his own dimension.

Sir Baskerville
First Appeared: Strange Tales #135, "Eternity Beckons!"

Learning that a power called "Eternity" may grant him the ability to beat Mordo and Dormammu, Dr. Strange begins searching for Eternity.  His first stop is the castle of Sir Baskerville, a former disciple of Mordo's who retired from the study of mysticism when he lost a hand.  Baskerville still owns many rare mystic artifacts and offers to aid Doc, but it's a trap -- Baskerville is actually working for Mordo again.  Doc manages to learn the truth and escape unharmed.

the masker demon
First Appeared: Strange Tales #136, "What Lurks Beneathe the Mask?"
The aged sorcerer Genghis gives Dr. Strange a scroll that might help locate Eternity, but instead it leads him to a world where an unnamed demon traps the unwary, controlling them through masks it makes of their faces.  Doc both defeats the demon and destroys all the masks, allowing the prisoners to return to their own homes.

First Appeared: Strange Tales #142, "Those Who Would Destroy Me!"

Having beaten Dormammu and Mordo, a weary Dr. Strange returns home, only to fall victim to a simple bomb.  Agents of Baron Mordo (including Kaecilius and Demonicus), led by Adria take him prisoner and seal his head and hands in mystic shackles, so that he is unable to work a spell.  He must escape using only his brain and the ability to release his astral form for short periods.

First Appeared: Strange Tales #144, "Where Man Hath Never Trod!"

In defeat, Dormammu spitefully cast the woman, Clea, who aided Dr. Strange, into another dimension.  Now Doc searches for her.  Using that as bait, Dormammu sends his agent, Asti, to the dimension of Tazza, and Doc misinterprets the action as being related to Clea's exile.

First Appeared: Strange Tales #144, "Where Man Hath Never Trod!"

Lured to the dimension of the paranoid sorcerer Tazza, Dr. Strange searches for Clea, only to be attacked by Tazza in a variety of forms.  Doc uses the previously entranced prisoners of Tazza to keep the sorcerer off-guard until he can capture Tazza. 
Mr. Rasputin
Mr. Rasputin
First Appeared: Strange Tales #145, "To Catch a Magician!"

A descendant of the infamous Mad Monk, Mr. Rasputin had mastered the Illusions of Ikonn and used them as an international spy-for-hire. When he fought Dr. Strange, he was so out-classed that, in the middle of a mystic battle, he pulled a gun and shot Doc. Doc escaped to a hospital, where Mr. R. sent a hired gunman to
finish him off. But, leaving his wounded body in his astral form, Doc beat both foes.

In later years, Mr. R. changed his name and became an accountant.
First Appeared: Strange Tales #147, "From the Nameless Nowhere Comes.. Kaluu!"

In the first post-Ditko story, Dr. Strange encountered a threat from the Ancient One's past. When his teacher had been a young man, in his native Himalayan land of Kamar-Taj, there had been a fellow student, Kaluu, who used his mystic powers to rule Kamar-Taj and prepare it for a war of conquest. The Ancient One was able to banish Kaluu -- but now he's back! Doc and the Ancient One had to travel into the past to beat Kaluu in the present.

First Appeared: Strange Tales #156, "Umar Walks the Earth!"

In order to stop Umar from wreaking havoc on Earth, Doc was forced to free an even greater threat, the monstrous Zom. Having chased Umar off, Zom was now ready for some vengeance of his own, killing the Ancient One and destroying Doc's cloak of levitation. 
First Appeared: Strange Tales #161, "And a Scourge Shall Come upon You!"

To save Earth from the Living Tribunal, Doc had to gather up all the evil magic released from Zom. The release enabled the acolytes of Baron Mordo to free the Baron from a mystic prison (where Dormammu had put him), and the Baron started absorbing the evil magic of his followers. Finally powerful enough to beat Dr. Strange, Mordo banished him to another world, where Doc met the fantastic Nebulos, Lord of the Planets Perilous. Nebulos lent Doc his Staff of Polar Power, with which Doc was able to absorb the evil magic from Mordo. But once the magic was safely reclaimed, Nebulos himself reclaimed the Staff from Doc, intending to use the accumulated power for his own plans of conquest. This brought the Living Tribunal to Nebulos's planet, and the two battled, while Doc tried to stay alive. Finally, Doc was able to grab the Staff from Nebulos, leaving him unprotected from a Tribunal-caused landslide, in which he presumably died.
First Appeared: Strange Tales #164, "Nightmare!"

During his battle with Doc, Mordo had sent one of Doc's friends, the student mystic Victoria Bentley, to another world. Having aided the Living Tribunal against Nebulos, Doc got the Tribunal to send him after Victoria, whom he found to be the captive of one Yandroth, Scientist Supreme of that world. Yandroth planned to track Victoria back to her world and use his super-scientific weapons to conquer it, but when Doc came to the rescue, a battle of science versus magic ensued. Magic won, and Yandroth was left tumbling through dimensions.
Lord Nekron
Lord Nekron
First Appeared: Doctor Strange #174, "The Power and the Pendulum"

When Doc returned the rescued Victoria Bentley to her native England, the two of them met Lord Nekron. Nekron had sold his soul to Satannish (who passed for Satan those days, before the Comics Code started loosening up and the movie The Exorcist had brought Satan into popular culture) and now wanted to add Doc's soul to the bargain. Needless to say, Doc beat him, and Nekron's life was forfeit.

The Sons of Satannish
Asmodeus  Marduk
Asmodeus       Marduk
First Appeared: Doctor Strange #175, "Unto Us... the Sons of Satannish!"

Having been introduced to Marvel's version of the Devil in the previous story, comics readers were now given a troupe of "Satanists" -- actually Satannishists, the Sons of Satannish. These hooded cultists had a two-pronged attack: menace Doc directly through his recently recovered love Clea and undermine him mentally by having a former medical colleague encourage him to give up all the mystical clap-trap and save lives as a medical consultant. It turned out the colleague, Dr. Benton, was actually the leader of the cult, Asmodeus, and they really wanted Doc's Book of the Vishanti to free the Norse giants Ymir and Surtur. Doc needed the help of the heroic Black Knight and The Avengers, as well as a Crystal of Conquest obtained from cultist Marduk, to re-imprison the giants, and Benton/Asmodeus died.
The Night-Crawler
First Appeared: The Incredible Hulk #126, "...Where Stalks the Night-Crawler"

This mystical foe fought Dr. Strange and the Hulk in one of the "Doctor Strange lost his own book, so we'll continue this plot in other books with him as a guest star" stories that were precursors to the Defenders series. He was the master of a "dark dimension" (not the same as Dormammu's) which stood between the dimensions of Earth and the invading Lovecraft-inspired "Undying Ones".

Since X-Man Kurt Wagner later took the "Nightcrawler" name, he's also appeared as "the Dark-Crawler" and "the Slitherer in Shadow", but he's also been seen since with his original name, so I'm sticking with that, since he was the first.

Xemnu the Living Titan
First Appeared: Journey into Mystery #62, "A Hulk Walks the Land!"
First Doc Appearance: Marvel Feature #3, "A Titan Walks among Us!"

Xemnu was an alien giant who first appeared in a 1960 monster comic, where he hypnotized humans into building a spaceship so he could return to his home planet.  He was resurrected for this story, an early Defenders adventure, as a disembodied intelligence who possesses an astronaut.  To avoid confusion with the Incredible Hulk, he was renamed as "the Titan".

He has mental powers, including the ability to survive without a physical body and to transform other bodies into a form resembling his original, semi-mechanical one.

Starkesboro Man
Starkesboro Native
First Appeared: Marvel Premiere #4, "The Spawn of Sligguth!"

A young man asks Dr. Strange's aid in investigating what happened to his fiancee when she returned to their home town of Starkesboro, Massachusetts. They discover all the townspeople are infected with the taint of an ancient demon, Sligguth.
First Appeared: Marvel Premiere #5, "The Lurker in the Labyrinth!"

The cult of Sligguth is led by an untainted high priestess, Ebora. She attempts to sacrifice Dr. Strange to Sligguth but is defeated by him.
First Appeared: Marvel Premiere #5, "The Lurker in the Labyrinth!"

Sligguth himself tries to kill Dr. Strange but is driven off and into a labyrinth of caves beneath Starkesboro. Dr. Strange follows and kills Sligguth, but its death releases another demon.
First Appeared: Marvel Premiere #6, "The Shambler from the Sea!"

N'Gabthoth is released from an undersea cave and goes to the aid of the cultists from Starkesboro.  After Dr. Strange's power proves too much for it, N'Gabthoth tries to destroy an ancient map related to the cult, but Dr. Strange destroys the demon first and gets the map.
First Appeared: Marvel Premiere #7, "The Shadow of the Starstone!"

N'Gabthoth's map indicates Stonehenge in England. On his way there, Dr. Strange stops to aid the people of Penmallow, Cornwall, who have been taken by the demon Dagoth to repopulate the sunken city of Kalumesh.
The Starstone
The Starstone
First Appeared: Marvel Premiere #7, "The Shadow of the Starstone!"

After defeating Dagoth, Dr. Strange finds a nearby house in Penmallow has been possessed by an alien slime, released from the Starstone jewel by the emanations from the distant planet Kathulos.
Winged Demon
Winged Demon
First Appeared: Marvel Premiere #8, "The Doom That Bloomed on Kathulos!"

On arriving at Stonehenge, Dr. Strange is set upon by winged demons, which used Stonehenge as a gateway from Kathulos.
First Appeared: Marvel Premiere #8, "The Doom That Bloomed on Kathulos!"

After beating the demons, Kathulos itself pulls Dr. Strange through the gateway. The planet manifests a plant-form both to communicate with him and to try to kill him. Dr. Strange manages to kill Kathulos instead, but he is now trapped on another world with no way to tell where Earth might be.
The Shadowmen
The Shadowmen
First Appeared: Marvel Premiere #9, "The Crypts of Kaa-U!"

While Dr. Strange has been fighting the various demons, his teacher, the Ancient One, has been captured by the bestial Shadowmen and taken to the Crypts of Kaa-U.
Guard of the Crypts of Kaa-U
Guard of the Crypts of Kaa-U
First Appeared: Marvel Premiere #9, "The Crypts of Kaa-U!"

Dr. Strange finds emanations from the demons' master, Shuma-Gorath, which kept him under surveillance the entire time. He follows the trail to Earth and fights his way into the Crypts of Kaa-U.
The Living Buddha
The Living Buddha
First Appeared: Marvel Premiere #9, "The Crypts of Kaa-U!"

Within the Crypts, the Shadowmen's master, the Living Buddha, shows Dr. Strange where the Ancient One is kept but makes no effort to stop him.  Why? Because his own master, Shuma-Gorath, is about to manifest on Earth, using the Ancient One as a host.
First Appeared: Marvel Premiere #10, "Finally, Shuma-Gorath!"

Dr. Strange must enter the mind of the Ancient One to seek out the extradimensional monster, Shuma-Gorath. But the only way to stop it is to kill the Ancient One.
First Appeared: Dracula Lives! #5, "A Duel of Demons"
First Doc Appearance: Marvel Premiere #13, "Time Doom"

As part of having become Earth's "Sorcerer Supreme" following the Ancient One's death, Dr. Strange pursued Baron Mordo through time, and the two of them met the 18th Century mystic (and, in real life, charlatan) Count Allesandro di Cagliostro.
James Mandarin
James Mandarin
First Appeared: Doctor Strange, Vol. 2, #15, "Where There's Smoke..."

In the early 1970s, Marvel was able to publish stories using Satan as a character, for the first time since the creation of the Comics Code Authority in the mid 1950s had banned such things. In Dr. Strange's comic, Satan used a confused seeker, James Mandarin, as a lever to attempt to steal Doc's soul. Mandarin was guilty of nothing more than being obnoxious, so after thwarting Satan, Doc let Mandarin go. A minor character, but one who has re-appeared in a couple of stories, not unsympathetically, as someone hunting for purpose in his life and trying to get it from Doc, rather than making it on his own.

By the way, current Marvel has settled on using Mephisto, a demonic character who first appeared as a Satan stand-in in the Silver Surfer's original comic, as the all-purpose Devil, but has retained Satannish as an infernal competitor. According to that continuity, James Mandarin's Satan was Mephisto. Just in case you wondered.

Ian McNee
First Appeared: Marvel Fanfare #6, "The Showdown!"

Ian McNee is a young sorcerer who challenged Dr. Strange to a duel. Upon beating Strange, Ian found himself attacked by other sorcerers, eager to claim the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme from this arrogant stripling. To his horror, Ian found himself having to kill all his foes just to survive -- and that's when Dr. Strange woke him up. Having sensed Ian was not evil, just arrogant, Doc showed Ian what the life of the Sorcerer Supreme was really like.

Ian returned in the Mystic Arcana mini-series of 2007, a bit wiser.

There was an existing micro of him, but it was done as if he were a child or an elf. I've made him a young adult.

First Appeared: Doctor Strange (v. 2) #76, "What Song the Sirens Sang!"

Iuriale is a mystic parasite who, needing a life-force to live, charmed Dr. Berenson, a surgeon friend of Dr. Strange's, by providing him with a passion and color currently missing from his successful though routine career. Sadly, after Doc saved him and banished Iuriale, Berenson, now seeing the emptiness of his life, killed himself.

First Appeared: Doctor Strange (v. 2) #77, "Khat!"

The Khats were lesser demons which were inadventently summoned by an inexperienced lama. They delighted in tormenting Dr. Strange with vicious pranks.

First Appeared: Doctor Strange (v. 2) #79, "Fata Morganna!"

The alien (as in extra-planetary, rather than extra-dimensional) sorcerer Urthona ruled a planet and was preparing his spaceships and warriors to attack Earth, but first he wanted to claim the Sorcerer Supreme title from a defeated Dr. Strange.

Erlik Khan
First Appeared: Strange Tales (v. 2) #6, "Returning!"

Demon-king Erlik Khan was master of the Khats but was another agent of Shuma-Gorath.