The 1970s Captain America Adventures

It seemed that, when they weren't having him fight WW2 leftovers, Marvel didn't quite know what to do with a patriotic hero in more cynical times. Sure, there was the typical super-hero's life of robbers and revenge-seeking foes. But how did that make a Captain America story versus, say, a Daredevil one?

So, Captain America did, occasionally, also have adventures that reflected some of the issues facing the United States of America.  This picked up during the 1970s, as  the1960s' civil rights and Vietnam war topics were joined by others, such as women's liberation, .
Scorpion The Sting of the Scorpion!
Suprema, the Deadliest of the Species!
Cyborg Mission: Stop the Cyborg
Mandarin Captured in Viet Nam!
Diamond-Head The Fate of the Falcon!
The Maggia The Fate of the Falcon!
X-4 Who Calls Me Traitor?
Satan's Angels Mission: Stamp Out Satan's Angels
Hood Up Against the Wall
Whirlwind Up Against the Wall
Porcupine Up Against the Wall
Baron Strucker robot Bucky Reborn
Bucky robot Bucky Reborn
Bulldozer android Madness in the Slums
Doctor Gorbo More Monster than Man
Mole Man
Spider-Man To Stalk the Spider-Man!
Grey Gargoyle The Badge of Betrayal!
Patrolman Steve Rogers The Badge of Betrayal!
The People's Militia Power to the People
The Femme Force Mission: Destroy the Femme Force!
Kingpin Mission: Destroy the Femme Force!
the Fifth Sleeper The Big Sleep!
Jakar All the Colors of Evil!
Mister Hyde Panic on Park Avenue
Captain America IV Captain America--Hero or Hoax?
Bucky II (IV?) Captain America--Hero or Hoax?
Viper Veni, Vidi, Vici: Viper!
Cowled Commander The Crime Wave Breaks!
Plant-Man The Crime Wave Breaks!
Scarecrow The Crime Wave Breaks!
Unicorn The Crime Wave Breaks!
Eel The Crime Wave Breaks!
Solarr Enter: Solarr!
The Serpent Squad Beware of Serpents
Nightshade Queen of the Werewolves!
Yellow Claw Queen of the Werewolves!
Phoenix II And a Phoenix Shall Arise!
Quentin Harderman
Professor X
The X-Men
The Secret Empire
Golden Archer
Nomad The Coming of the Nomad!
Viper II The Coming of the Nomad!
Princess Python The Coming of the Nomad!
Warlord Krang The Coming of the Nomad!
the Serpent Crown The Coming of the Nomad!
Hugh Jones The Coming of the Nomad!
Gamecock Nomad: No More!
Captain America V Nomad: No More!
(Dredmund) Druid The Madness Maze!
Alchemoid The Madness Maze!

Jack Kirby returned to Marvel to take over Cap during the Bicentennial Year of 1976.
Mister Buda Captain America's Bicentennial Battles
Taurey The Madbomb: Screamer in the Brain!
General Heshin The Madbomb: Screamer in the Brain!
The Trojan Horde The Trojan Horde
Cheer Chadwick 1984!
The Kill-Derby players Kill-Derby
Harding's daughter
Mason Harding
The Night People The Night People
Agron The Unburied One!
Mister One
Mister Two
Shocker II
Swine Face to Face with the Swine!
Arnim Zola The River of Death!
Nazi X Nazi 'X'!
Night Flyer The Night Flyer!
Kligger The Night Flyer!
Veda The Night Flyer!
Texas Twister
Blue Streak
Marvel Man (Quasar)
Lyle Dekker
Savage Animus
Tarantula Saturday Night Furor!
Señor Muerte II Saturday Night Furor!
Impact Am I Still Captain America?
Curtis Jackson
Grand Director
The National Force
Diebenwald commandant From the Ashes