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Small Group Project: Financial Case Study Analysis

The purpose of this assignment is to provide a "hands on" experience to synthesize the personal finance concepts that you have learned throughout the semester by applying them to a "real life" individual or family. You'll also have an opportunity to work with fellow class members and "pick each other's brains" as you research your case and present the results of your analysis in both a paper and 15-minute class presentation.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Form a group of 4 or 5 by October 1. Notify the instructor of your group members by October 1.
  2. Select a financial case from among the 20 case studies available on the class Web site. A variety of ages, situations, and financial challenges have been provided. Feel free to add additional assumptions to the case as long as they are realistic for the situation and described in your report.
  3. Review the Financial Case Study Scoring Sheet to learn the criteria for grading this assignment.
  4. Prepare a written team report of 3 to 4 pages (single-spaced, double between paragraphs) about the case study and the team's analysis and recommendations.
  5. Deliver a 15-minute team group presentation about the case and the team's recommendations.

Your financial case analysis should include the following items, as appropriate:

Financial Case Studies

  1. Mary and Harry Reser
  2. Roy Bemmer
  3. Jean Kitching
  4. Hope Forma
  5. Dan and Sue Koogler
  6. Peggy Janis
  7. Greg and Cindy Hana
  8. Jennifer Barry
  9. Dale and Sally Gab
  10. Sandra Hayhoe
  11. Sue and Dan Shimo
  12. Bob and Pina Ing
  13. Joe and Pat Ise
  14. Peggy Brie
  15. John Berka
  16. Frank and Mary Neiser
  17. Bruce and Faith Johnston
  18. Paul Turvey
  19. Gary and Barbara Zabeck
  20. Michelle Foxe

Instructor: Dr. Barbara O'Neill, CFP®, Extension Specialist in Financial Resource Management and Distinguished Professor
Office: Room 107, Cook Office Building, 55 Dudley Road, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone: 848-932-9126
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